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Hello Deviants. I know that I promised an update the the elementary theme (gtk and icons) by Yesterday. But we've run into a problem. I have become extremely ill with stomach flu and I feel like I'm dying. I'm only writing this because I've taken gratuitous amount of Ibuprofen and my fingers feel a bit like jelly.

Sorry to disappoint. I'm hoping to be back to normal as soon as possible so I can kick out that update.

[EDIT]: Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. You guys are all awesome :)
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Please get better; being sick sucks.
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Aww, stomach flu sucks. Hope you feel better! Take your time with that update to elementary :).
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Hope you get better :)
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Get well soon!
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Good luck and I hope you feel better soon! For your own sake, I mean, not just my desktop's. ~.^
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Good luck :)) dont wory about theme :))
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I hope you get better Dan!
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haha, spoken like a true peer.
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Heh, get well soon man, the Linux world needs you. P.S. Get my note?
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yep I got your note. As soon as the vomiting stops I'll help you :P
Izobalax's avatar
No worries at all, buddy. =]

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Don't push yourself! You have already contributed a huge amount to the aesthetics and amazingness of open source software! Your health is infinitely more important than a new update.

Get well soon!
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Life is more important then a customizing stuff :)

Take your time.
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ooh, that sucks, hope you get better soon Dan,
we need ya captain! :P
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get well soon! loads of fluids!
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Get well soon Dan
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Oh my.. this is the 1st time i heard stomach flu.. anyway, hope you get better soon..
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Dude take your time, im sure everyone one understands you have stuff to take care for yourself as well. Get better and when you feel up to it, release us some goodies.
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That sucks man. :(
No worries, hope you feel better soon.
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Get better soon DanRabbit.
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Aww, hope you feel better soon, man!
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Hope you get better, dude ;)
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