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March 11, 2011
elementary gtk theme by ~DanRabbit To say that this is a beautiful theme in light colours - is a severe understatement. Elementary theme is not just a GTK theme, but a whole new desktop experience.
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elementary gtk theme



If you like my theme, please PayPal something small to "Daniel.P.Fore@gmail.com" :)

Unico Engine is required.

Tested on Luna and Precise with Pantheon.

Report problems to [link]


4/30/12 (v3.1)
+ fix :backdrop
- help buttons
- Noise statusbar
- text color
+ Popover fixes
- transparency
- adaptive borders
- gradient background
+ new .content-view-window
+ shorter buttons, better style for bottom-toolbar
+ style fixes for dynamic notebook
+ insensitive color for symbolic icons
+ grips for pane handles
+ Noise album view styles
+ fix "shadow" in views
+ new text header styles
+ better distinguish between selected and focused rows
+ support new Mutter theming

4/2/12 (v3.0)
+ GTK3 Support
- New Widgets
- Unico Engine
- Backdrop stylings
+ Dropped a few custom GTK2 stylings
- Nautilus elementary
- Eye of GNOME
+ Updated window border buttons
- Dropped minimize from default config
- New hover style
- New maximize style
+ White menus
+ Granite Support
- ContentView class
- Popover class

+ dropped Aurora engine
+ new xfwm4 theme
+ misc bug fixes
+ dark by default
+ New Breadcrumb and Modebutton style for Ne
+ New Dark Panel style with Dark Menus.
+ Revised Midori sidebar
+ All new Murrine Buttons
+ Scrollbars drawn with Murrine instead of Pixmap
+ Kicked Equinox Engine
+ Smaller file size and cleaner code
+ Closed 26 launchpad bugs
+ Brighter colors
+ New Progressbars
+ New Listview style
+ Tons of XFCE lovin'

+ Revised style for Nautilus elementary
+ Revised style for Midori
+ All new minimal scrollbars
+ Many speed enhancements
+ Modular per-app styles (so you can disable or borrow)
+ Bug fixes :D
+ Customizations for Totem
+ All new Metacity theme
+ Etched Text in Panel (New Murrine)
+ Rounded Scale trough (New Murrine)
+ Works Better with Google Chrome
+ Misc Bug Fixes
+ More Beautiful Aurora
+ Customizations for Midori
+ Meta Theme
+ Panel Tweaks

+ Revamped Nautilus sidebar
+ Enhanced appearance of EOG
+ Better metacity buttons
+ Square bottoms on windows, by request.
+ removed custom toolbar for more consistent look.
+ reinstated blue, by popular request.
+ removed Nodoka Dependencies.
+ Rounded sliders.
+ Visual refresh including a shift to a more neutral look.
+ Inclusion of Metacity theme.
+ Closed tickets involving terminal errors.
+ massive rewrite to use a new rendering engine
+ new fresh and modern look
+ fixed wireless applet bug
+ new Ubuntu flavor
+fixed some menu spacing issues
+included the hard to find nodoka 0.7 deb package
+fixed Ugly progress bars
+Menus are now are actually themed
+Got rid of cruft from gtkrc
+Got rid of two warnings
+Firefox tabs are now normally sized
+Evolution hacks now properly apply
+A little darker background.
+Button inactive state is more sane
+Increased contrast on inactive selections in treeviews
+Make menubar items consistent with the rest of the theme (rounded)
+Notebook items contrast fixes for pidgin
+ added experimental nodoka package
+ fixed bug involving panel.rc
+ slightly thinned scrollbars
+ fixed bug involving prelights
+ changed around some menu sizing
+ inherits colors from appearance applet
+ cleaned up some code
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