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elementary Mobile

seeing ~spiceofdesign's concept ([link] ) made me want to revisit my own mobile concept ;p

Someone find me a better speaker design.
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is it just me or did google just knockoff ur design for the lockscreen in android L?? :P
Are you lanning to lanch elementary for mobile based on Ubuntu for mobile?
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I do not think tim cook approve.

Do you want to launch it on Google nexus?

The last time it took 2 years for a ubuntu12.04 with gnome neutered (called pantheon)

Nexus comes out every year, upgrades RIL, Radio, Firmware are very frequent .....

If you use ubuntu touch, you'll have a lot of trouble with MIR

Ubuntu touch is full of bugs on Nexus, you should do the debugs before ubuntu and then pantheon? :-D I would like to see ahahahahah

if you use the same time you will be ready for the Nexus 4, but in the market there will be the nexus 8

Do you want to use the android platform? even worse

Android is updated assiduously
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So... the stuff on the left at the top is what's 'outside' of the phone, and the stuff on the right is what's in the phone? Like, external networks on the left, internal device features on the right?

I'm just not sure if there was some concrete logic outside of the need for visual balance- I'm interested on your thoughts, although it's merely a (good-looking) concept.
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The lock button reminds me of Path. <3
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This would be amazing on Android. Aaaaahhhh! So want.
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This should be a MIUI theme
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do you mind sharing the ls wall please....
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Aaaaawh man, this is INCREDIBLE.
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What happens when someone is calling and I just want to unlock? (For example to check something quickly before answering the call.) Or maybe you never do stuff like this with smartphone, because in practice you don't need to? (IDK, I don't have a smartphone.)
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Well, I mean you can continue the call while you do other things (at least you can on iPhone). So you could answer the call and then immediately switch to another app to check whatever you wanted to check.
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That makes sense. Thanks for explaining. :)
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Wow, that's amazing, I hope that you're going to develop it in one or two years
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I love it! And it looks better and better with every update. :D
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So smooth and beautiful. You have my like.
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I wonder how easy to figure out that slide to unlock is. What if there was like a line pulsing in the direction of the unlock options?
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I just played with an HTC First and it seems like its actually pretty natural to do. They have the icons kind of "shoot out" of the unlock icon.
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This is a Win. Cheers
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So when do we start coding this? Luna +1? =D
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There's a lot of work that needs to happen upstream (in Gtk) and downstream (in Pantheon) before this could happen. I'd say a more realistic plan would be:

Luna +1: Make desktop touch rock. Stuff like 1:1 multi-touch for switching workspaces, pages in slingshot, back/forward gestures, pinch-to-zoom, long-press context menus, etc. Likely we'll have to purchase multi-touch trackpads (like the ones from Logitech or Apple) for our core devs that don't already have multi-touch.

Luna +2: Make elementary work on tablets. This means making sure everything is touch friendly, really focusing on performance and battery life, making sure we have the apps that tablet users expect like maps and camera, creating an installation method for mobile devices, etc. Likely we'll have to purchase a device like the Nexus 10 for a number of our core devs.

Luna +3: Start work on phone, expanding the work done on tablet. We'll have to decide how exactly we do mobile app UI, whether we have two different app stores or have apps use some kind of responsive design. We need to make sure we have a calls app and sms. Gala (if this OS uses Gala) will have to provide a vastly different mobile mode. etc etc.
Where does X.Org/Mir/Wayland fit into all that? I guess that is not really a deviantart question, but hey.
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