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Shut Down Dialog

Playing around with the Shut Down dialog.
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The only thing i don't like is that big red icon in the left corner.
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Very good.
But I guess a little heavy for elementary
The shutdown icon in the top left corner should be changed.. I'd be happy to provide some alternatives! Can you tell me the size of that icon? Then I'd send make and send you some and see how it looks!

Also maybe the running programs icons should be a taddd bitt smaller.. They take too much space, especially if you have a bunch more apps running.
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I think something is not quite right about this dialog... I mean... there's too much colors I think, at first sight it just split my focus. It would be better with a monochrome shutdown icon, and/or the app icons should have a little transparency (around 48-64%... I'm from tablet now, I can't try it myself but tomorrow I will).

Er... the situation isn't that bad as it seems from my feedback... actually I love this mockup,
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Nah, accidentally i send it while i was writing. -.-" so i just wanted to say that i love this mockup, and i think its clean and elegant enough in this stage already, i just mentioned some ideas about how it could be even better (in my opinion). :)
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Please Dan, tell me where you got the 3D Plank theme. I have not been able to find it yet. It's bugging me.
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it's only a mockup, that theme doesn't exist and is impossible to use something like '3D dock' in Plank, you can use Docky if you want something like this
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Ah. That's a shame.
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That blur is so addicting, great hope you guys implement it into elementary :)
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woah, elementary will become better !! great :D
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the red icon on the left always irritate me because I try to click it instead the button "shutdown".

Never loved those dialogs "are you sure...". I prefer shutdown in two clicks.

This will close all your open apps and turn off your device.
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This will close these apps and turn off your device.
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Too much icons, you'd better have to know what do these icons means. Use some text, it'll be clearer.
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Well you'd probably know what those icons are since they're your running apps. ;)
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Very nice. What if there are more than (from the space I counted, 7-8) apps running? Does it allow you to see all your open apps, or does it show the most recent?
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I don't see why the dialog couldn't expand to a reasonable size and then start scrolling.
dan. nice job done m8... i like the blur behind..
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I'd prefer if the dialog's background was black & semi-transparent or the same color as the chrome of application windows.
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So, Luna is not going to save the runing applications for the next login? it should have that option.
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Looks really good.
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