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Since a lot of work has been done on Postler recently that pretty much fulfilled my old mockups, I decided to change this to just a single screen that covered some things that haven't been implemented yet (like attachments).

-- Disclaimer --
Just because something is mocked up, doesn't mean it'll go down like this. It's just an idea.
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But, But.. I heard Postler is being dropped? So that means these UI mockups and their respective implementations are void. Maybe you should now make an alternate mockup for Geary.
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I might post a few designs for Geary, but for the most part it'll inherit the visual work that was done for Postler and we'll just make small refinements from there.
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Really like those rounded corners on the bottom part of the window! It gives out more style! I want to see an email client like this!
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really nice! I hope reply text area gets resized when you click on it to type something :)
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Where can I download this theme from? :s
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Do you ask this for every Elementary mockup you see? I've seen this like 3 times
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It looks like you took all of my good suggestions and even the disclosure triangle from my little Postler mockup. I love the way you changed the blue unread dot to a number. The number of unread messages in a conversation is much more useful than the number of total messages. Nice work.
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Must-have!! It's beautiful :)
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Now that Oneiric is getting smoothly rounded corners on the windows, will Elementary go for that too? It makes all the difference :)

Anyway, looks awesome as always!
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Definitely. I'm anxiously waiting for Cimi's work to land so we can use it too :)
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Also, I suggest a "Reply in New Window" option. Sometimes you just want to reply fast, but other times you need a full window to write a more elaborate response.
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The text filed expands as you type, so you can write as much as you want :)
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I haven't received Postler updates in a while. Is the dev PPA still being updated? Or is this just too unstable to be packaged?
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Postler hasn't been building in the daily ppa for a while for some reason, but it's still being updated in git quite frequently.
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It won't build because it says I don't have valac installed, either with or without the --disable-gtk3 flag. But I do have it installed. What's the problem?
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I couldn't tell you, I'm not a programmer :) I would advise checking out #postler on irc.freenode.net
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How will react mails from comercial or other things with lots of pictures and HTML ?
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They render great :)
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You can double-click the message to make it appear in its own window, or you can simply maximize the window using the icon on the top-right. The HTML content will display within the content area, similar to how it works in Gmail.
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Will it be possible to write an email in a new window or are we limited to the small Reply field?
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A little button to open the reply in a new window would be nice, considering we have the compose dialog already. It might even work to do that through Contractor; not sure though.
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It's really nice to heave the IM like mail thread, but I would still like to be able to write a long reply in a separate window while I browse the rest of my emails :) btw, the attachment links looks great! Get them implemented! :P
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I like this, its alot better looking than the (current?) interface for postler.
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