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Onscreen Keyboard

Playing around with a visual style for an elementary onscreen keyboard.

inb4 "what's up with the super key?"
It's so you can do Bold, Italic, etc for rich text capable entries and also for those of us that use languages with special chars, it works as a compose key.
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Black keyboards = epic win! :la:
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that's damn sexy. i'd give up my body (in very degrading ways) to have luna installed along side android on my phone
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Much better with dark background
Looks very clean. :) Loving the rounded edges on the screen, btw
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Nicely done but there are no arrow keys?
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This gets my vote
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BEAUTIFUL!!! But I think Slingshot should sized smaller for tablets or at least have a config tool that let's you change it's size without dconf editor.
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I love the transparency!
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I know I have said this before, but I just can't use a touch keyboard with no numbers row. Maybe an option could be added.
Is there an elementary theme for Cyanogen Mod?
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Not that I'm aware of
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I'd love to see this on the HP touchpad..
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Love it, keep doing what you're doing
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Maybe you could put x number of dots above the keyboard to show multiple keyboard layouts? Then, if you want to switch, you can just multifinger swipe the keyboard to the next one.
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I want this in my life.
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Are two shift keys really necessary?
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Probably not. What would you put there instead?
I actually have an idea for this. One could have the right shift be shift by default, but available to be replaced depending on the purpose of the keyboard at that moment. Typing an email would make the key a ".com" character while typing in a file location would make the key a "/" character (for ~/Pictures/cats/long-hair/black/kittens".

Also, I realize that this is a year old comment, but I thought I'd put that out there.
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Not sure...sorry for sounding moody in that post, I just didn't know how to word it well. Maybe you could extend the return key into the right shift key, in order for it to have more room like how some of the old keyboards were. Also, two number buttons probably aren't necessary either. Maybe replace the left one with a tab button for indentations?
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It'd be cool if you allowed the super key to type special characters even if the language set isn't the language of the characters.
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Yep that's exactly the intention :) You can already set a "compose" key right now in Jupiter and, if I have my way, Luna will have the super key perform that function by default (even if your only keyboard is English).
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YAY, no more optical illusiony nonsense. ^_^
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Hi Dan.

Look at this. I already used it on my android phone. Really cool. Just double click the button and you can type numbers and another symbols

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