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My Desktop

Geeky and Sexy.

OS: elementary OS
DE: Pantheon
Font: 9pt Droid Sans
Terminal: Pantheon Terminal
Text Editor: Scratch
GtkSourceView Color Scheme: Solarized Light [link]
Wallpaper: The Pier [link]
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I was sent to your website from a Linux Mint Mate  forum member.
I am looking for a new theme.
I do not like the contrast on my present one.

I thought I may send you an image of what I dislike
so you can perhaps teach me how to correct the theme.
or you can sell me one.
p.s. since you know my email address can you send your response to it ?
RoadToMajesty's avatar
Do you use RocketDock?
lakshit1001's avatar
That's not windows. he is using elementaryOS. so the dock is by default.
opensas's avatar
I'm still sticking with terminator, because of the ability to split windows with ctrl-shift-o (the auto-copy text is also pretty useful)

any plans to add those to eOS's terminal?
ArkBlitz's avatar
Doubt: do you plan to ditch window titles by default in the next versions of eOS? You know, both for cleanness and screen real estate.
DanRabbit's avatar
It depends on the state of client-side decorations in GTK. If that lands in the version of GTK that we'll be using, then yes. If not, then no.
hadret's avatar
Which app is represented by the twitter-a-like icon? (:
DanRabbit's avatar
That would be Birdie: [link]
hadret's avatar
Thank you (:
ArturoIlhuitemoc's avatar
Droid Sans Mono is a bad option for code because the bold font is wider than the regular.
TheVirtualDragon's avatar
Dan, why don't you base elementary off Debian instead?
opensas's avatar
what would be the advatange of basing it on Debian? less clutter?
I miss the apt-add-repo from debian...
any other differences?
DanRabbit's avatar
For now, building on Ubuntu makes more sense for us.
zeeeeee's avatar
I see your Scratch editor doesn't have the search bar permanently enabled like mine since a few updates ago. Do you know anything about that? How do I remove it?
DanRabbit's avatar
There's currently a branch in progress that re-adds the hide/show stuff.
Nicekiwi's avatar
Strange.. this looks very similar to my desktop..
fverdeja93's avatar
I stil hate the bottom of the tabs.
what OS is that?
Qw3rtz's avatar
elementary OS of course!
Thank you,great OS! Greatings from Italy!
BassUltra's avatar
What happened to your clock lol.
DanRabbit's avatar
I accidentally uninstalled it. That happens occasionally.
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