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Mobile Music

By DanRabbit
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Playing around with a concept for a mobile music player.

I just realized the click wheel needs to be WAY bigger :p
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This is a very interesting overview about android
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everything fell soo much android
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One problem. It's not very easy to seek around the song, since one might accidentally tap one of the control buttons when doing so.
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This is what I imagined the music player on the iPhone would look like back when it came out before I actually saw it.
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the lack of antialiasing is killing me...
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Lol I absolutely love the layout (status bar and everything.) Maybe instead of the click wheel though, just make it look like the standard iOS music player, just add the pause, volume, etc. just under the cover art.
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I can imagine this finding its way into the MIUI music player, looks awesome though
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So many actions to change volume.
Shuffle and repeat buttons not suitable.
Hard to understand where is song playing with round rewinder.
Display is square and that is a reason why big round elements is waste of space (I don't mean cases when they have special features, i. e. controller in game).

Sorry for my Eng. Hopes, that I've wrote clear.
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I totally want a mobile os with that super awesome top panel and a built in media player like this... DanRabbit, I have an idea for your next project... A MOBILE ELEMENTARY OS!
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This is seriously, seriously awesome dude. Just some things I noticed:

1. Y u no use standard iOS status bar? :P
2. The shuffle and repeat icons seem pretty small to be tappable, but maybe not
3. The black circle containing the controls is really jagged

You should dribbble this for sure :)
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Definitely not dribble quality at the moment :p

It's more akin to a "sketch" than a mockup. So things are not really scaled properly at all xD
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I literally can't believe this hasn't been done yet lol!
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Really nice looking, but it only looks this amazing with album art that has a very distinct color palette. The weirder stuff might look a bit more awkward.

If it were me, I'd use the space at the bottom to grab info on the artist. Maybe an image from or something. Just an idea.
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Nice! , it would be done for Android Also, I think it needs to show the song name.
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wow, this is hot!!!!!!! :P
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What happens when I tap the volume button?
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What would you expect to happen?

(I have a behavior in mind, but I'm interested in other ideas)
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The "seeker" ring would turn into a differently coloured volume ring instead, which you adjust.

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Nice, but yeah, click wheel needs to be a lot bigger.
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Fan of your work btw :3
Maybe you should take as inspiration for the interface the iphone shape itself
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