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Marlin Properties

By DanRabbit
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Just thinking about possibilities for Marlin's Properties dialog.

Changed from a popover because some commenters pointed out a problem with comparing file info.

I'm open to suggestions about addition data/options to show
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One thing that I've been thinking about is that most popovers should be tearable. Have a look at [link] - all of those HUDs start out as popovers that you can tear off to make little floating windows. It works well in practice (IMHO), too.
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RobertoLuizHobbyist General Artist
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This should be added to Pantheon Files!
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FeleriasHobbyist Interface Designer
Will Pantheon Files have this properties dialog ?
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amazing. <3
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NicekiwiHobbyist Interface Designer
Very very nice!

Suggestion, an option for "mark as executable" specifically for Java (Minecraft) files. ;)
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D0m1ng0Student Photographer
Thank you for making that suggestion as I was about too! It is one of the few things that bugs the hell out of me about pantheon! (The other being the lack of a easy way to Minimize windows -_-)
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simple and beautiful!
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Wow! absolutely love it !!!
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ArkBlitzHobbyist General Artist
Some people also like to check the bitrate of their media, perhaps you should add that too.
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AnnunakiMacedoniaHobbyist Photographer
Nice, elegant, clean and simple !
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Why Permissions field is so cramped, why so much wasted whitespace around, why not center it? this always really irks me.
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D0m1ng0Student Photographer
Oh jeez I hadn't noticed that it was not centered and now it bugs the heck out of me.
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DanRabbitProfessional Interface Designer
It's not centered because it's indented under it's header. I'm not sure what you mean by "cramped". I would have made it taller, but I was just too lazy and figured it was not necessary since there wasn't really that much content present.
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Man you must stop do this amazing mockups, i get disapointed everytime i minimize my browser !!
Maybe marlin should give the option to chose the tipe of properties: popover || modal ; i think some people never compares files, like me;

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"Open With" section - must be before "Info" section, imho
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DanRabbitProfessional Interface Designer
Care to offer a rationale?
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I think that after is better actually, and more logical, I'm sure that it's less used.
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nsrosenqvistHobbyist General Artist
Shouldn't there be a way to share the file/folder in the network through samba under the "sharing"-section?
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DanRabbitProfessional Interface Designer
Yes sir, but this isn't a folder, this is a file ;)

Maybe I'll post an updated mockup that shows how folders are different :)
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nsrosenqvistHobbyist General Artist
Ok, you're doing an amazing work! :)
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