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Lock Screen

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Some exploration with the Lock screen on Desktop and Mobile
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xllxHobbyist General Artist
What's the name of the font you used?
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xllxHobbyist General Artist
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I really like the mobile concept. I think (probably that is also your idea) that the icon arrangement of the second picture should be the same for the home, with an icon that opens the app gallery in the place of the unblock icon. Or better the icon for the exposé (open app list) in the place of the bottom lock icon and the icon to launch apps in the place of the top lock icon. I think it would be a really cool and simple interface with a clean home with a more elegant kind of dock (iphone and Android look almost the same). That would also keep the most important icons in the home (similar to the desktop concept of no icons on desktop) and other apps in a app gallery (similar to Android, and miming slingshot). 
Very nice concept anyway, like always.
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Now thinking about it maybe the bottom lock icon should be the home, and the top lock in the middle to launch apps. Back icon and exposè should be put somewhere else, maybe add 2 more icons next to the home icon and do something as it is in Android.
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classiccentrinoStudent Interface Designer
I really like the work you've done on Elementary OS Luna ! And I think you must also make an OS version which look like what you published above ! It would be great, and I think that people will like ! Just be sure to reduce technical specs of phones on which we could install it ! And, make friend with chinese manufacturers as ZTE and so on... They are more and more appreciated !
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Leo Messi is using your computer?  ;)
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ginjaninja405Hobbyist General Artist
I really wish elementary OS was coming to mobile, this looks like the perfect start. Ubuntu is a mess. Android is a mess. iOS is a locked down children's toy. Windows 8 phone is too minimal. 
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Hi! Whera i can get this mockups in SVG. I want to crate Elementary theme for MIUI based ROM's. Thanks.
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very nice
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Personally I think it's problematic to have messages and stuff on an unlock screen. I mean that user is NOT logged in so everyone who just stops by can see potentially private stuff on the lockscreen.

While it may look nice and kinky (yeah I know, gnome-shell does the same thing), it defeats the purpose of a lock screen imho.
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PS: I'm mostly talking about laptops and desktop computers here.
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You can turn it off in GS. And it doesn't show the content of messages. Only info that you got some new messages.

Screen lock shown on mockup can also disclose name and image of a person that sent you the message. (IIRC GS doesn't show that.)
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Yeah but who's messages/notifications are you gonna see if there are multiple users that are logged in at the same workstation?

Dunno, to me it just seems like a can of worms...
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"Yeah but who's messages/notifications are you gonna see if there are multiple users that are logged in at the same workstation?"
When it looks like on the mockup, it really is a good question. But in GS lockscreen is not just a list of users. It's like a normal session, just locked. So there will be notifications of user whose locked session is visible. (You see YOUR notifications, YOUR wallpaper, etc. If you like it of course.) Other user can just click "switch user" and he can log in or see his own (or somebody's else) lockscreen.
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nsrosenqvistHobbyist General Artist
The second screen, showing the unlock gesture, looks really uncomfortable. I have the nexus 4 and I generally like the idea of sliding the lock to the left or right to answer/deny calls, but when it's used for just the sake of unlocking the phone I don't want to launch twitter or the camera app by mistake. The fact that "unlock" is straight up also makes it a really uncomfortable gesture - to the right would be easier for right handed people since you would be doing this with your thumb. This is something you would do often and if the OS has a well designed app launcher it wouldn't be necessary to have a shortcut to these apps on the unlock screen.

Except from that it's excellent! :)
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NightwitcherHobbyist Writer
Well, there is always the possibility (yes, it is a possibility) to unlock by double-tapping instead of sliding.
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bimsebasseHobbyist Interface Designer
I'm trying to make sense of this, being righthanded: it's easier to swipe right instead of up? Are you sure you're right-handed? Swiping the thumb towards itself is not easier than swiping up on my hand.
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You really should release this on Cydia. I'd buy it.
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Simply beautiful.
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eltkHobbyist Digital Artist
nice *o*
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