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Indicator Notifications

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Just a rough mock of what a notifications indicator might look like
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Just a rough mock of what a notifications indicator MUST look like
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Would notifications be actionable like those in Gnome Shell or Mavericks?
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It would be nice to have an unified inbox where notifications from the zillion inboxes I am subscribed to would appear (Gmail, Facebook, StackExchange, Disqus, etc.
I think the "clear" button is over the top. Notifications don't have to be dismissed or cleared, they should just stack up chronologically and we should be able to scroll back through them. Older notifications could be automatically removed after some time.
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In fact i wonder if local notifications could not also be added to this. Why have a separate notifier? The sender changes, but in the end, whether it's an email or a chat message or a notification from the OS, it's a message intended for the user. I think the current notification on Luna (the dark pop-up that blurs when hovered with the mouse pointer) is unnecessarily different. It could just as well look like the menu does.
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Very nice! Maybe the word 'Dismiss' is a better label for the remove button?
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this would be awesome!
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Nice concept. I'd love to see it in Isis.
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Why don't you make the panel look like this for Luna +1? And of course, black panel when maximized.
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I think you should use a "Clear all" instead of individual. When you click on a notification, it clears. 
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A button to open the app?
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If the icon was a bell, I could actually see this making more sense. It looks cool + useful though.
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How would this work together with pantheon-notify?
G4Man2's avatar… as far as I can tell they're replacing pantheon-notify with a notification system built in to gala… how it works right now the notifications show up and then are accessed in a hidden bar to the side. I assume it would work similarly with this. 
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 calendar notify and message icon? why?
G4Man2's avatar… I assume he asked this question because he agrees.
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