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Indicator Audio

By DanRabbit
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Playing with ideas for Indicator Audio.

Network Audio (Pulse/Airplay)
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mayday parade !!! *-*
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Great job, but I would like to inspire a thought: Maybe combining the symbols for volume and microphone on the left with the switches on the right? I mean, using the symbols as the switches themselves. Would be even more minimal.
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good idea, i like your suggestion
another possibility is to use the whole bar as the on off button. you could easily get an overview what is active at the moment.
to make visible what i mean: [link]
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That would be even better!
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So pretty! :) So Simple :)
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Very beautiful and minimal !!!
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This is a total woooow .... I'm in love of this idea, so much practic
i am fairly new to this, can some explain, how i would make my mac look like this? can you? and what is luna?
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it's very clean and easy to understand. Keep up the good work!
Right now i have 2 music players on my desktop, Noise and Spotify. I'd really like to see that you can only adjust the one that is playing. (now both spotify and noise are visible, wich is sort of annoying).

I really like to see this :)
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Sweet, but an user button would have been better imho. :)
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Needs device names
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*Like* You sir are amazing. I can not wait for Luna (I use the pre-release builds on my laptop) and Look forward to seeing all the extra changes made with Luna+1
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I often times switch back and forth between my webcam's mic and a mic built in to my wireless headphones. I wonder if toggling back and forth between both those options could some how be integrated into this.

Maybe by clicking on the mic icon or the speaker icon you could get a list of choices? Though that might clutter things up. Another option might be having the on/off toggles instead be a dropdown of some sort that has 'off' as an option.
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i think this is moore beautiful than mac os style
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DUDE THATS SUPER AWESOME! You MUST keep that style on final release!
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I personnaly don't think that airPlay is a good choice since it's proprietary software. It already exists DLNA…

But in all case, that looks very nice, the 3 buttons are more consistant than the Ubuntu one…
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Heh, reminds me of the indicator popups in litestep.
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make luna the best distro and you will have my money
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My God! It's full of stars!
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Regarding the popover, it's already pretty much implemented and works pretty amazingly lol


It's really nice. :D
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