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Trying to make DuckDuckGo look really ace while also not just copying Google
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Wow, even though you made this a while back, it'd be pretty great if it looked like that now.
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Hey, just to say I made a userStyle based on that work :… !
All credits for the style to Dan Rabbit :)
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Great, witch fonts did you use here ? :)
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It's Open Sans :)
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The search bar is too wide on the top instance, but overall it's a nice improvement.
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Yup, this is pretty.
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This is great, nice job!
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simplesmente belo!

melhor que o atual, mais clean ainda..apoio a ideia.
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Very beautiful design, made me check out the site :)
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The design is really attractive. Is it capable of search options (images, videos, date-range)? 
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I like it. Maybe you could send a feedback to them.
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We have a call coming up with them, I'm going to talk about it ;)
I'm planning to use DuckToGo in the near future. With a nice design/interface it will definitely make it a lot easier. :)
*DuckDuckGo :P

(where is the comment edit option on deviantart?)
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I like the way duckduckgo looks, it has its own personality.
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I wanted to try to retain DuckDuckGo's brand colors and keep it unique while also making it more readable and putting focus on the search results (not the site header).
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If you go into settings you can change the red header.
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I'm aware. Played around there before saying "nope, need to do a serious design"
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Do you have the css source file for your changes for me?
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I think the feel is too serious for the brand, given the name "duckduckgo," and their current playful image/look.
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