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Device Sync Plug

By DanRabbit
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some quick ideas for a Plug to keep track of Device sync settings
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This is very good.
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I really love it! Specially the sync option!
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I find it hard to believe that someone would have some much devices plugged in that it would require a search box to find one :P What about an eject button?
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The search bar is a built-in feature of Switchboard. Doesn't make sense to not use it really :P

Eject button is a good idea.
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Cool! :)
Everything, what you here show will be a part new Elementary OS?
If yes, it will be remarkable:)
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Possibly. Some things are just ideas. Some things change when they are coded. Only time will tell :)
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It would be healthy to realize all your ideas:)
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As a standalone app, this would be really cool. Great job on Jupiter by the way!
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no minimise button I've seen this on a few of your recent mockups I really hope you don't remove the minimise from eOS
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The minimization will (probably) be handled by their upcoming dock. The button might really disappear.
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How would the camera work? I mean most camera's it is only a one way sync. You really just want to move your picutres off your camera, so you have more space to take new ones. Also with music, a lot of people can't sync all of there music or only want to sync a certain amount. I feel like there should be a more advanced dialog (which I hate cause this is elementary we're talking about unless I'm missing something).
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So the parts that would be relevant to the camera are naming the device, seeing how much space you have left on the device, configuring an application to launch automatically, etc. There are still options there :)

For more advanced music syncing, that would happen in Beatbox.
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Shouldn't this handle all types of sync and BeatBox exclusively play music?
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No, because this plug doesn't actually have access to your music library. Only you're music player does. So the plug is only a middle man to say "Hey music player, this device has been plugged in and you need to sync it!"

If we had some kind of standard for accessing file libraries we could create a program that could sync your music in the background without the music player ever knowing or caring. But this does not exist :)
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Awesome .... clean and straight-forward !!
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Oh noes, more brilliant plans for ElementaryOS.

Dun dun duuuun.
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WANT, that in real ! :D
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Awesome mockup! I hope that will gonna work! :)

Btw. You think about make some icons with mobile phones with Android? E.g. HTC Desire or LG GT540? I'm not using iPhone, and that icon dosen't match to my phone ;)
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Yea, Device icons are some of the most time consuming ones to draw unfortunately. If I had people contributing it'd be a lot easier to ship more devices.
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Yea, you right. But I think that on elementary forum you can find people, who can do it. I can even help. What program you used to create that icons? And are there any guidelines about style of elementary icons?
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looks very beautiful and I hope you continue with the project. elementary os is looking like an osx killer.
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Dude seriously, base elementary on BSD and make some money!

I'm an Ubuntu fan myself but elementary is so classy. I'm really looking forward to your release with all the apps in it.
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nice concept bro!!
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