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Fellow deviants,

This is a quick note regarding the interoperability of DeviantArt Eclipse and the Notifier.

As is, if you enable Eclipse preview:

* The Notifier keeps getting data from the servers just fine for now.
* Links from the Notifier are no longer valid. (This can probably be fixed to some extent, by linking to (general) categories in the new UI.)

This will probably not be the case once DeviantArt shuts down the old infrastructure.

When that happens, the Notifier is likely dead in the water without significant re-engineering (for example, use of the official API).

Sadly, my own interest in DeviantArt has waned; to that end, I'd welcome help on adapting the Notifier to the new reality. Contact me if you want to help with that.
Hello all,

A few reports have filtered to me that notification popups (toasts) are not working like they used to on Windows 10; I have investigated it (special thanks to toyful who helped me), and here goes:

What happened?

Chrome 68 started rolling out integration of notifications into Windows notification center.

They only work that way for 50% of the users as part of the staged rollout, so not everyone will see them now. But eventually, this will be the standard for Windows 10 users.

Here's how they look now:

TL;DR: I don't have control over how the notifications are presented by Chrome, but you can override it either way.


I'm not seeing any notifications anymore, I'm on Windows 10.

Check if you have muted Windows notifications, e.g. with Focus Assist, through options for Chrome notifications, or through other means.

You can access most of the settings through Windows 10's Settings > System > Notifications & actions.

I'm on Windows 10, I'm still seeing the old style notifications, and I want to check out the new ones.

The feature is not rolled out yet for everyone. Either wait for a few days and restart the browser a few times, or force the new style through chrome://flags/ (see below)

I'm on Windows 10, I'm seeing the new style notifications, and I hate them.

You can open chrome://flags/ in your Chrome, and locate "Enable native notifications" setting.
You can set it to Disabled to revert to old behavior on your computer (or to Enabled to force it).

I don't want to touch "WARNING: EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES AHEAD!" stuff in my browser. Make an option for it, you lazy sod!

I have no control over this feature from extension code. Whatever the global mode for the browser is, is going to be shown. I can't even detect which one is enabled.

I am now getting a double sound, both the Notifier chime and the Windows chime.

True. I can work around it by making an option to mute the OS chime, leaving only the Notifier's chime, or vice versa. It's not "will be done by tomorrow" priority though.

Meanwhile, you can disable the Notifier's chime in the options, "Enable sound alerts" as a workaround. But then you can't make only some notifications silent.

Why did Google have to change this? Is there anything good about it?

Consistency is the reason. Having separate notification queues (especially if you have a lot of notifications) is not great, the non-native notifications look a bit out of place.

A single control to suppress notifications is also a good thing to have (e.g. auto-muting them when presenting). Note that Notifier's chime can't detect if notifications are hidden, hence it would be good to have that optional vs the native chime.

Also note that since Chrome killed its own notification center, notifications were disappearing for good once their timer was up. Now with the integration, you can still read older notifications.

There is a lot of good coming from this change, but Google themselves admit that there is currently a drop in interaction with notifications, probably from user confusion.

I'm on Windows 10, I tried to force the new style, but it's not working.

It's.. complicated. Chrome needs a Start menu shortcut for this to work properly because Windows reasons, but in some cases it may be missing. See this bug report. It's likely to be fixed in a future Chrome update.

Well, I hope this clears any questions you might ha..

Now just hold your horses, where's that Firefox version you keep promising?

Ah, that.

Truth be told, I didn't have much time/inspiration to work on it; I may have it later in September.

The old experimental version should still work. I need to do some code cleanup before I can submit it to the Mozilla Add-on gallery though.

Yes, it's really happening, you're not dreaming..

An EARLY PREVIEW version for Firefox 55+ is ready for testing.

You can grab it here:

As noted on that page, this version may be broken, incomplete etc.
If I did everything correctly, it should auto-update when I have further FF fixes/adaptations.

If you're brave enough to test it, please report back on how it performs.

I will soon roll out the same version to Beta channel for Chrome.
Fellow deviants,

A new version has been released that follows DeviantART in switching to universal HTTPS support; what was previously an experimental option is now always on.

This fixes a bug with Notification center tabs not being reused, reported by SMB64 and jd22292. As usual, either wait for your Notifier to update on its own or force an update through chrome://extensions's developer mode.

Other than that, I plan to more seriously focus on a Firefox version. Whether or not I ever get to redo the Notifier from scratch, that should not delay an as-is Firefox version now that deviantAnywhere is on its last legs.

I will need volunteers to test it when it's in installable state, so stay tuned for an announcement to that effect.
Fellow deviants,

For once, I've been quick enough on the draw to fix a bug before it was reported by anyone!

In Chrome 55+, middle-clicking in the popup didn't work to open a tab in the background without closing. This was fixed.

Another small change is that the extension badge is no longer translucent. With Chrome's recent redesign, this was causing visual artifacts.

Also, since the Beta was out for a long time now I merged the versions back into one.

(usual caveats apply: it may take a while until you get the update. But since it's not a major bug, that's okay!)

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