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Digimon Tamer Project MP
***Credit to this meme goes to… ***
Digimon Tamer Name: Mabel Pines
Digimon Partner: Salamon

- Digivolution Line -
Rookie: Salamon - Signature Techniques(ST): Petty Punch and Puppy Howl
Champion: Gatomon - (ST): Cat's Eye Hypnotism and Lightning Paw/Claw
Ultimate: Angewomon - (ST): Heaven's Charm and Celestial Arrow
Mega: Magnadramon - (ST): Fire Tornado and Dragon Fire

Notes: Salamon hatched 
from one of two eggs as twin digimon, its sibling digimon being Patamon and upon first contact with Mabel, they formed a solid bond though UNLIKE Dipper, Mabel was so entralled by Salamon's cuteness, she almost died!  It took Dipper and Patamon both to keep Mabel from bedazzling her name onto Salamon's fur!  Salamon first digivolved to Gatomon to protect Mabel from the rampaging Gobblewonker right alongside its brother and they both digivolved to Ultimate to protect the twins from Gideon's robot!  When Mabel went through into her bubble, Salamon went with her and was the only one in reality to stand beside her in that world, it was its bond with her brother that allowed Patamon and Dipper to find Salamon and by extension Mabel and upon the two's reconciliation,  both Salamon and Patamon digivolved to their respected Mega forms just in time to help fight against Bill in Weirdmageddon!  Salamon admittedly was jealous of Mabel's affection towards Waddles but after seeing the level of despair Mabel went through after Waddles was taked from her, it strove to protect Waddles from harm if only to protect Mabel's happiness though in time the two formed a real bond and became friends!  Salamon usually rides in Mabel's sweater when they travel but upon digivolving it has no problems keeping up with her!!!
Digimon Tamer Project DP
***Credit to this meme goes to… ***
Digimon Tamer Name: Mason "Dipper" Pines
Digimon Partner: Patamon

- Digivolution Line - 
Rookie: Patamon - Signature Techniques(ST): Boom Bubble and Wing Slap
Champion: Angemon - (ST): Hand of Fate and Angel Rod
Ultimate: MagnaAngemon - (ST): Excalibur, Magna Antidote and Gate of Destiny
Mega: Seraphimon - (ST): Hallowed Ascension and Strike of the Seven Stars

Notes: Patamon hatched from one of two eggs as twin digimon, its sibling digimon being Salamon and upon first contact with Dipper, they formed a solid bond with each other though Dipper's reaction was with a bit of hesitation!  That hesitation quickly vanished when Dipper and Patamon began to interact with each other and the two quickly became best friends with both of their siblings as well!  Patamon first digivolved to Angemon to protect Dipper from the rampaging Gobblewonker right alongside its sister and they both digivolved to Ultimate to protect the twins from Gideon's robot!  Patamon helped Dipper find Mabel when she was lost in her reality bubble by using its own bond with Salamon and upon the two's reconciliation, both Patamon and Salamon digivolved to their respected Mega forms just in time to help fight against Bill in Weirdmageddon!  The only time Patamon did not listen to Dipper is when Dipper's soul was swapped with Bill's and Patamon was the only one capable of communicating with Dipper while he was a soul!  Patamon worries greatly when Dipper becomes so engrossed with something that he loses sleep over it but it still tries its best to be there for him and help him when he needs it!!!
The CN Region Project B
***Meme credit goes to ***

Members(home cartoon), Type, Pokemon used, levels & *items held* and other general info:

Leader#1: Edd(Ed, Edd n Eddy)/Type: Bug/Magnify Badge: You meet Edd with his pals before you can find the gym; you face trainers Jimmy, Sarah & Johnny in single battles before you can face Edd!  The rematch pits you against Nazz, Rolf & Kevin in single battles and Ed and Eddy in a double battle!  One of the three gym leader researchers and the middle in age of the three!
Pokemon used: Metapod Lv8, Kakuna Lv8 & Heracross Lv10*Sitrus Berry*
Challenge Mode: Metapod Lv10, Kakuna Lv10, Heracross Lv12 & Pinsir Lv13*Bugium Z*
Rematch: Heracross Lv62*Bugium Z*, Vespiquen Lv60, Armaldo Lv60, Ariados Lv60, Garvantula Lv60 & Pinsir Lv62*Pinsirite*
Move gained: Infestation/HM move usable: Cut

Leader#2: DeeDee(Dexter's Laboratory)/Type: Fairy/Dancer Badge: You find DeeDee out shopping with her friends and mentions Dexter and Mandark's battle in front of her gym getting out of hand, help Dexter with Mandark and DeeDee thanks you with an item and enters her gym; You fight DeeDee's friends and Dexter himself before actually fighting DeeDee herself; in the rematch however, you face DeeDee inside Dexter's Lab!  She is the ONLY one capable of getting Mandy to go shopping out in the daytime and not be intimidated by her in the process!
Pokemon used: Clefairy Lv14, Jigglypuff Lv14 & Togetic Lv16*Sitrus Berry*
CM: Clefairy Lv17, Jigglypuff Lv17, Togetic Lv18 & Mawile Lv20*Fairium Z*
Rematch: Togekiss Lv62*Fairium Z*, Clefable Lv60, Wigglytuff Lv60, Florges Lv60, Mimikyu Lv60 & Mawile Lv62*Mawilite
Move gained: Dazzling Gleam/HM move usable: Rock Smash

Leader#3: Brick(Powerpuff Girls)/Type: Fighting/Ruff Badge: You find Brick with his brothers Boomer and Butch after their last fight with the Powerpuff Girls, initially he's too steamed to battle and jets off, only after you chase him and beat his brothers in battle will you prove to him worthy of taking him on!  Brick is the only gym leader where you don't have to battle anyone else to get to him, he is the only trainer in the gym!  In the rematch however, you must face not just his brothers but both of them in a Double Battle format, furthermore immediately after you battle his brothers, Brick initiates the rematch himself!
Pokemon used: Croagunk Lv20, Breloom Lv20 & Lucario Lv23*Sitrus Berry*
CM: Croagunk Lv22, Breloom Lv22, Meditite Lv20 & Lucario Lv 25*Fightinium Z*
Rematch: Toxicroak Lv62*Fightinium Z*, Breloom Lv60, Blaziken Lv60, Medicham Lv60, Hariyama Lv60 & Lucario Lv62*Lucarionite*
Move gained: Brick Break/HM move usable: Strength

Leader#4: Otto Osworth(Time Squad)/Type: Electric/Squad Badge: You initially find Otto with his pals Tuddrussel and Larry altogether but they quickly vanish in a literal flash but they reappear in their base on the outskirts of town; you are forced into a trivia game with Larry where if you get a wrong answer, Tuddrussel appears as a trainer to battle you, you can either answer the questions for a battle-free way to Otto or skip the trivia and battle Tuddrussel and all his pokemon before finally fighting Otto!  The rematch skips all the gimmicks and has you face Larry AND Tuddrussel in battle before you face Otto!  One of the gym leader researchers and the youngest of the trio!
Pokemon used: Jolteon Lv27, Emolga Lv27 & Ampharos Lv30*Sitrus Berry*
CM: Jolteon Lv30, Emolga Lv30, Tynamo Lv28 &Ampharos Lv33*Electrium Z*
Rematch: Jolteon Lv62*Electrium Z*, Emolga Lv60, Electross Lv60, Magnezone Lv60, Electivire Lv60 & Ampharos Lv62*Ampharosite*
Move gained: Charge Beam/HM move usable: Fly

Leader#5: Lazlo(Camp Lazlo)/Type: Grass/Bean Badge: You find Lazlo in front of his gym at Camp Kidney but he immediately leaves with his friends; you meet him again after you fight all the other campers minus the leaders where he's amazed by how strong you are!  Impressed and battle spirit ablaze, he rushes to his gym where after you fight his friends Raj and Clam along with his rival Edward, you fight Lazlo at last!  The rematch pits you against the entire camp again but also against its leaders too before finally fighting Lazlo again!  When not at camp, Lazlo spends his time hanging out with Hoagie and Mac!
Pokemon used: Tangela Lv33, Lombre Lv33, Nuzleaf Lv33 & Venusaur Lv35*Sitrus Berry*
CM: Tangela Lv35, Lombre Lv35, Nuzleaf Lv35, Maractus Lv35 & Venusaur Lv38*Grassium Z*
Rematch: Tangrowth Lv62*Grassium Z*, Ludicolo Lv60, Shiftry Lv60, Maractus Lv60, Sawsbuck Lv60 & Venusaur Lv62*Venusarite*
Move gained: Energy Ball/HM move usable: Surf

Leader#6: Gwen Tennyson(Ben 10)/Type: Psychic/Magic Badge: You actually run into Gwen several times before, the first time was after the Dexter vs Mandark fight and the second time was before beating Otto's gym where she gives you directions toward's Time Squad's base but now you find her at her own gym where you face her cousin Ben, her boyfriend Kevin and friend Julie before finally facing off with you!  The rematch has you fighting Ben in a rotation battle, Kevin in a triple battle and Julie in a double battle before finally fighting Gwen in a single battle!  One of the gym leader researchers and the eldest of the trio and only female of the three!
Pokemon used: Hypno Lv38, Exeggutor Lv38, Metang Lv38 & Gardevoir Lv40*Sitrus Berry*
CM: Hypno Lv40, Exeggutor Lv40, Metang Lv40, Jynx Lv38 & Gardevoir Lv 42*Psychium Z*
Rematch: Metagross Lv62*Psychium Z*, Exeggutor Lv60, Hypno Lv60, Jynx Lv60, Alakazam Lv60 & Gardevoir Lv62*Gardevoirite*
Move gained: Psychic/HM move usable: Defog

Leader#7: Jack the Samurai(Samurai Jack)/Type: Steel/Blade Badge: You find Jack in his gym when you first enter town but he'll be in constant meditation and decline your initial challenge until Aku and his forces are taken care of; only challengable AFTER beating Aku and then you have to face the Scotsman and several others before finally facing off against Jack himself!  In the rematch, Jack will be outside the gym; in fact he'll be at the spot you beat Aku at, go there and he'll challenge you on the spot, initiating the rematch himself!  He'll rematch you at that same spot instead of going back to the gym for all further rematches!
Pokemon used: Doublade Lv42, Pawniard Lv42, Skarmory Lv42 & Scizor Lv45*Sitrus Berry*
CM: Doublade Lv45, Pawniard Lv45, Skarmory Lv45, Scizor Lv 46 & Empoleon Lv48*Steelium Z*
Rematch: Empoleon Lv62*Steelium Z*, Skarmory Lv60, Bisharp Lv60, Aegislash Lv60, Bastiodon Lv60 & Scizor Lv62*Scizorite*
Move gained: Smart Strike/HM move usable: Rock Climb

Leader#8: Hoagie P Gilligan(Codename: Kids Next Door)/Type: Flying/Aviator Badge: You actually meet Hoagie much earlier than you think, in fact his gym is actually in your hometown but neither he nor his friends take you seriously until you show up with seven badges under your belt!  After you help them take down Father, you can meet him in front of the gym where he checks how many badges you've got and after confirming you have the other seven badges, he'll allow you to fight him for the final one; in the initial challenge, you fight his teammates One through Five in that order before facing him, the Two in combat; in the rematch, you face him in a similar fashion but with One partnering up with Four and Three partnering up with Five in double battle format!  When not hanging out with his team, can be seen hanging out with Mac and Lazlo!
Pokemon used: Noivern Lv48, Fearow Lv48, Braviary Lv48 & Pidgeot Lv50*Sitrus Berry*
CM: Noivern Lv50, Fearow Lv50, Braviary Lv50, Gyarados Lv50 & Pidgeot Lv53*Flyinium Z*
Rematch: Braviary Lv62*Flyinium Z*, Gyarados Lv60, Fearow Lv60, Noivern Lv60, Aerodactyl Lv60 & Pidgeot Lv62*Pidgeotite*
Move gained: Sky Drop/HM move usable: Waterfall


Elite#1: Mac(Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)/Type: Normal/position: North Pillar: The youngest member of the Elite Four and youngest trainer in history to ever gain the title!  A rare prodigy to many but a regular kid to his friends, Mac started his pokemon study when he was still a toddler but learned a lot thanks to his friend Bloo and his mentor Frankie Foster, a former champion herself!  Mac is hardworking, earnest and honest but still behaves like a regular 8 year old despite how mature he seems!  Doesn't mind losing in battle but prefers not to lose unless fighting someone more powerful!  Spends the off season helping around Foster's and loves any jobs that it entails with all his heart!  Also hangs out with Hoagie and Lazlo a lot though tries to keep them from interacting with Bloo much!  First rematch location is in front of Foster's while further rematches take place at the league!
Pokemon used: Porygon Lv55, Slaking Lv55, Zangoose Lv55, Cincinno Lv55 & Kangaskhan Lv57*Normalium Z*
CM: Porygon2 Lv57, Slaking Lv57, Zangoose Lv57, Cincinno Lv57, Bouffalant Lv57 & Kangaskhan Lv60*Kangaskhanite*
Rematch: Requires the rematch victories of Hoagie and Lazlo!
Pokemon used: PorygonZ Lv72*Normalium Z*, Slaking Lv70, Zangoose Lv70, Cincinno Lv70, Bouffalant Lv70 & Kangaskhan Lv72*Kangaskhanite*

Elite#2: Steven Universe(Steven Universe)/Type: Rock/position: West Pillar: The eldest member of the Elite Four, the most positive of the four and despite his physical appearance is actually a teenager!  Upbeat and positive in nature, Steven spends the majority of the time either hanging out with his best friend Connie or going on missions with his guardians the Crystal Gems!  You'd actually be forgiven for thinking him much younger than he actually is but his growth stagnated after his 10th birthday and despite being 14 years old, still looks like a 10 year old!  Usually comes to work riding on a pink Pyroar but don't be afraid, it's passive so long as you make no visible moves to harm Steven in its presence!  Is good friends with the legendary pokemon Diancie and is rumored to have caught it but he's never used it in battle so it probably is just rumors!  First rematch location is in front of the Crystal Temple while further rematches take place at the league!
Pokemon used: Magcargo Lv55, Aggron Lv55, Solrock Lv55, Gigalith Lv55 & Tyranitar Lv57*Rockium Z*
CM: Magcargo Lv57, Aggron Lv57, Solrock Lv57, Gigalith Lv57,  Shuckle Lv57 & Tyranitar Lv60*Tyranitarite*
Rematch: Requires the rematch victories of Edd and Otto!
Pokemon used: Shuckle Lv72*Rockium Z*, Magcargo Lv70, Aggron Lv70, Solrock Lv70, Gigalith Lv70 & Tyranitar Lv72*Tyranitarite*

Elite#3: Johnny Test(Johnny Test)/Type: Fire/position: South Pillar: The second eldest of the Elite Four and the wildest member of the four!  Johnny usually spends his time being an experiment for his sisters who just happen to be rivals with Dexter; he gets along well with DeeDee despite their siblings rivalry though his friendship with her creates serious friction with Mandark!  When he was younger, his sisters experimented on his pet Houndour named Dukey granting it the ability to talk, this experiment is kept a secret though what is NOT a secret is Johnny and Dukey's friendship towards each other after the fact!  Johnny's favorite gym to visit is Brick's fighting gym, the two usually get into massive scraps that usually only Dukey, Boomer and Butch can stop!  Gets along with the Champion the most, usually when pranks are involved!  First rematch location is in his backyard at his house while further rematches take place at the league!
Pokemon used: Arcanine Lv55, Magmortar Lv55, Typhlosion Lv55, Volcarona Lv55 & Houndoom(Dukey)Lv57*Sitrus Berry*
CM: Arcanine Lv57, Magmortar Lv57, Typlosion Lv57, Volcarona Lv57, Salazzle Lv57 & Houndoom(Dukey)Lv60*Firium Z*
Rematch: Requires the rematch victories of Jack and Brick!
Pokemon used: Arcanine Lv72*Firium Z*, Magmortar Lv70, Typlosion Lv70, Volcarona Lv70, Salazzle Lv70 & Houndoom(Dukey)Lv72*Houndoominite*

Elite#4: Mandy(Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)/Type: Dark/position: East Pillar: The second youngest of the Elite Four, the only female of the four and the most negative member of the four!  Mandy is NOT to be taken lightly, she seems like an innocent girl but she can be cold, dark and manipulative just like the pokemon she wields; she does not accept anything but absolute victory or crushing defeat and if you take her lightly, she'll make sure her absolute victory leaves you in tears!  She's the most ruthless of the Elites and the only member that is not only intimidating towards the other members including the Champion but also the other member's pokemon too!  Even the Dark types she commands, Johnny's Houndoom and Steven's Tyranitar are intimidated by Mandy!  She doesn't usually shop in her downtime unless it's DeeDee that's dragging her along!  First rematch location is on the street in front of her house while further rematches take place at the league!
Pokemon used: Mandibuzz Lv55, Skuntank Lv55, Drapion Lv55, Malamar Lv55 & Absol Lv57*Sitrus Berry*
CM: Mandibuzz Lv57, Skuntank Lv57, Drapion Lv57, Malamar Lv57, Hydreigon Lv57 & Absol Lv60*Darkinium Z*
Rematch: Requires the rematch victories of DeeDee and Gwen!
Pokemon used: Hydreigon Lv72*Darkinium Z*, Mandibuzz Lv70, Skuntank Lv70, Drapion Lv70, Malamar Lv70 & Absol Lv72*Absolite*


Champion: Beast Boy(Teen Titans)/Type: Variety/position: Central Throne Room: Beast Boy is one of the Teen Titans and the Champion of the CN Region!  Beast Boy is a jokester in nature and is almost as positive as Steven is; he can get serious when there's a crisis but will usually approach matters with a playful mood!  He's as big of a prankster as Johnny is and gets along best with him because of that; Steven sometimes uses Beast Boy as a translator between him and his Pyroar cause of BB's ability to speak to animals!  He's one of the few teens who assists in matters the KND don't mind him helping with!  He's a firm vegetarian who hates any food that even relates to meat!  He's the only member of the Pokemon League that can transform into the pokemon that either he or his opponent uses, he does this to better understand pokemon and think up new strategies to combat his adversaries!  Is so used to Raven that Mandy isn't really that bad though he's still intimidated by her!  Remains at the league at all times except when there's trouble going on!
Pokemon used: Ursaring Lv60, Wailord Lv60, Talonflame Lv60, Meganium Lv60, Tyrantrum Lv60 & Manectric Lv62*Manectite*
CM: Ursaring Lv63, Wailord Lv63, Talonflame Lv63, Meganium Lv63, Tyrantrum Lv63 & Manectric Lv65*Manectite*
Rematch: Requires the rebattling of the Elite Four at the Pokemon League after defeating them during each of their separate rematches!
Pokemon used: Tyrantrum Lv80*Dragonium Z*, Ursaring Lv80, Wailord Lv80, Talonflame Lv80, Meganium Lv80 & Manectric Lv82*Manectite*

***Added note: This region is my list of favorite Cartoon Network characters in order of most loved to least loved!!!  Just because one character is least loved doesn't not mean I hate them, it just means that of the group of characters I like, it's the least loved compared to the other ones!  The Champion and the Elites on the other hand are my Top 5 Favorite Cartoon Network cartoon characters of all time so if you want to know my preference, look to them!!!***
Favorite Pokemon Type Remastered
Remastered & FAR more accurate version of the previous one with new pokemon and Mega Evolutions!!!
Types: Pokemon
Grass: Lilligant 
Fire: Blaziken & Mega Blaziken
Water: Samurott
Normal: Pidgeot and Mega Pidgeot
Electric: Magnezone
Psychic: Mew
Fighting: Gallade & Mega Gallade
Rock: Aggron
Ground: Garchomp
Flying: Togekiss
Bug: Venomoth
Poison: Roserade
Dark: Darkrai
Ghost: Chandelure
Ice: Dewgong
Steel: Lucario & Mega Lucario
Dragon: Altaria & Mega Altaria
Fairy: Gardevoir & Mega Gardevoir

Things change, like opinions and taste, but one thing will never change!  I LOVE POKEMON!!!

PS:***… ***is the site I created this from so if you wish to try it for yourself, go here
Digimon Tamer Project TI
***Credit to this meme goes to… ***
Digimon Tamer name: Tenya Iida (Ingenium) Quirk: Engine
Digimon Partner: Kudamon

- Digivolution Line - 
Rookie: Kudamon - Signature Techniques(ST): Holy Shot, Dangan Senpu & Zekkoushou
Champion: Reppamon - ST: Kurukuru Rekkūzan, Jūga Rangeki & Shinkū Kamaitachi
Ultimate: Chirinmon - ST: Wind Cutter Sword, Knowledge of Swift & Kaishin no Hadou
Mega: Kentaurosmon - ST: Bifrost & Odin's Breath

Notes: One of the five members of UA's Royal Knights and one of the fastest digimon at UA!  Both Iida and Kudamon communed in soul after witnessing the other's sense of justice first hand!  Kudamon is concerned about Iida's wellbeing as a hero but follow him none the less!  Is confused over Iida's hand motions when he delegates to the other students but does not question it!  Kudamon achieves Mega form during the time they rescue Bakugo and Candlemon from the villains!  After gaining Mega form, Kudamon gains a friendly rivalry with Veemon over which one of their respective Mega forms is the fastest in all of UA!!


United States
Funny how I'm still a newbie at the rules and submitting stuff after 8 years of being a member!!


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