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OFFICIAL! DxS MONTH!!(Week FOUR Update!!!)

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 27, 2011, 7:50 AM

Weekly Videos:

Week 1:…
Week 2:… and…
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Week 4:…
Week 5:


Week 1:
(more icons coming soon)

UPDATE 3/27/11: It is just amazing how successful this month has been going! So much participation! So many pictures and fanfiction! Keep them coming you guys, I'm so proud of this club and its dedication to this beautiful pairing. :heart: To remind you all, this week is Happily Ever After. This is my favorite theme of the month and I can't wait to see what you guys do with it!

I'd also like to remind you that if your submission to DxS Month is NOT in the folder, please send me a note to add it in. I try to keep up, I really do. :XD: ecokitti


Hola guys! Please read because contribution is needed in order to have a fun successful DxS month! Here’s the calendar for what’s going on this upcoming March! Please read below the calendar for extra things we need to mention, about how to post and whatnot, and PLEASE—we have one little problem that we’d like to see if anyone can fix.

Here’s the calendar:



         Love is in the Air~:
Every relationship begins with a little crush and blush.  This is the first week, so let’s start from the beginning. Draw anything sweet and cute! Ah, young love :heart: Maybe they’re flying around like two turtle doves? Love is in the air, so draw whatever you think is best represents the theme.



The Giving Ghost (It’s like the giving tree, only half dead):
Let’s be creative here! Is there any way that Danny could use his powers to put a lil smile on Sam’s face? :heart: Gifts, sweet treats, anything!! Maybe even some new powers maybe?



Green is the new pink :  
Happy St. Patrick’s Day guys! This week is in honor of our green little holiday. Draw anything green! Sam is an eco geek, after all!



Whatever week :
I’m sure you guys all have tooons of ideas that we couldn’t even think of, so show your imagination here! Draw whatever DxS you want :D


Week FIVE: SUNDAY 27-April 2

Happily Ever After~:
I, 2numagirls, will be leaving the 27th on a band trip to Disney World in Florida! And as I’ll be going down to this magical place, you guys can be making your own magic here! Fairy Tales—a  child’s dream in waiting. Some magic from the heart.  Draw anything that relates to a “Happily Ever After” and have yourself some fun with it :] Remember, there’s the magic of love in every heart :heart:

Sunday, April 3


It’s SO BIG, we don’t have anything full-proof for it yet! But we will update you guys sometime during the month to let you know what’s going on!

Rules when submitting your entries to this event!

-Make sure that it’s kept PG-13 or under. Any portrayal of explicit sexual subject matter will not be allowed
-Hate art or anything not related to Danny and Sam’s relationship in a positive matter will not be permited. The deviation must support the pairing. (Angst, however, is allowed, so long as it’s not affecting their relationship.)
-Put the artwork in the folder “DANNYXSAM MONTH 2011”. To do this, go to the deviation’s page, and click “Submit to a group” in the right column of the page. When clicking on the DannyXSamClub, you will be prompted with a choice of a folder. Click the DANNYXSAM MONTH 2011 folder and click “okay”
-The artwork doesn’t have to be related to a certain week’s theme. It’s encouraged though!

In addition, DxS Month will have FANFICTION FRIDAYS, VIDEO OF THE WEEK, and FREE ICON SUNDAYS! (100x100 and 50x50 Which means the club will be updated every Friday and Sunday of each week. :D

Hope you guys are as excited for this as we are! If you have any questions, please let us know.


-:iconecokitti: and :icon2numagirls:

More Journal Entries


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DP, Phantom Planet kiss pose fanart feature!
hey all! :wave: ever since I'm still a DannyxSam fan, I just wanted to feature some of Deviants DXS first kiss pose from the very last episode of  Phantom Planet.  
this is the screenshot pose -->
and here's all the DxS fan's fanart works in DeviantART! give them a fav or comment or a watch of their great work. ;)
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Sam and Danny by MIKEL01  DP: I Love You by an-angels-tears  Danny kisses Sam by Waterangel5  :thumb143610134:
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Phantom Phorever Chapter Three
When Danny woke up he was alone. "Must have dozed off by the sign," He thought to himself.
He tried to get up, but he couldn't move. The stone underneath him was wet, and he didn't like the musty smell of the air. It smelt like free air hadn't moved through there in years.
He was Fenton. "Great," He thought to himself, "I'm in a strange room, I have no clue where I am, I'm stuck as Fenton, and I just had the worst dream of my life,"
"So far…" Said a strange voice said, completing Danny's sentence for him, one of which Danny did not recognize. The shadow stepped forward, it was Nocturn!
Nocturn looked like something had just attacked him "What's up with you, Tall Dark and Ugly? Not that I really care, but you look terrible…" Danny said, changing to Phantom, still on the ground, now glowing green, letting out a scream as he felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder, traveling all down his back, ending at his feet.
"You're just going to hurt yourself. I have plans for you. You'll s
:iconalexxrose123:AlexxRose123 4 1


sam manson by I-See-Them-Too
Danny and Sam by manuprietocruz1995
Between Her Skin Page 2 by Sweatshirtmaster
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Have you ever make a rules about not calling Sam Manson a shrew and a Mary-Sue?
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^ This.

If the show was still current I'd understand the fanbacklash and hate for the character but its 2016 and the show is been off air for almost 10 years insulting a fictional character from a old TV show is like getting mad at an old blog post from 2007 that spoils the last harry potter book for you. it's just insulting to get offended over literally nothing.

Sam manson is not a bad character there are bad characters out there but she is still memerable and that is not a shrew or a sue ;)
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One of my worst nightmares I've ever had: Danny & Sam together. This makes me so furious, jealous, mad, sad and disgusted.
Why Butchie decided to make Danny as Sam as a couple instead of finding the better partnters for them, instead?

I really wish that Danny had a better & cooler girlfriend than Sam. She and Danny can be just friends, not a couple!
If there's any Anti-DannyXSam fan(especially girl) who agrees with me, that's good:).
If not... I'm truly disappointed:(.

Sorry to say all these words, but I'm not a born liar to hide my thought... and feelings for Danny.
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danny and sam are perfect,i don't see why u hate her. she's always had his back, before and after he got his powers,she's also the reason of him being a hero. 
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