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This image, holy crap, Amy's face, she's running towards this kawaii Metal-chan, holy crap, though it should've been Amy holding those ...

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Super Powers Cyborg by DannyWapBang Super Powers Cyborg :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 1 0 Cyborg by DannyWapBang Cyborg :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 3 0 Cyborg point by DannyWapBang Cyborg point :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 2 0
Cyborg, Cyborg
"Cyborg, Cyborg" sung by Meiko Seki, Satono Kobayashi, and Satoshi Nozawa
Based on the "Chevy, Chevy" song from Saturday Night Live, as performed by Gilda Radner, Jane Curtin, and Laraine Newman
(Music plays)
Group: When he's in his sweatshirt, my heart stands still
When he says his famous "Booyah," I could die
Meiko: When he talks dryly to Beast Boy, it's like he's talkin' to me
I go to pieces when he sneezes on the ground
Group: When he goes into war, you know I'm never bored
He says "No problem," but I wish that he could see
Satoshi: There is a problem, mine, because I want him so
Group: But if he takes me in his arms, there would be
Meiko: Cyborg!
Group: Cyborg, I love when you are here
It's Friday night on the big screen
Satono: Oh but Cyborg, every time you take that fall,
Group: I wish that you were fallin'
Satoshi: Fallin' for me
Group: I know this shouldn't be said,
"I wish his girlfriend were dead."
Her tragic accidental death I see in plot
Satono: So when in heaven we meet,
:icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 0
Swayzak by DannyWapBang Swayzak :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 1 0 Breaking Free by DannyWapBang Breaking Free :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 3 0 SHODAN by DannyWapBang SHODAN :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 1 0 Katz by DannyWapBang Katz :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 4 0 Countdown Nebula by DannyWapBang Countdown Nebula :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 2 0 Nebula (Toonami Countdown) by DannyWapBang Nebula (Toonami Countdown) :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 3 0 Toonami Art: Nebula by DannyWapBang Toonami Art: Nebula :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 3 0
Ren'ai Circulation - KANJI lyrics
:icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 1
Cyborg by DannyWapBang Cyborg :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 0
Japanese version of Cyborg's theme song
今日も日を助けよ (CALL CYBORG)
人種差別なく誰でも生きるよ(CAUSE HE’S CYBORG)
大きな声で呼んで送れよ (CALL CYBORG)
お悩み半分解決しっちゃうよ(CAUSE HE’S CYBORG)
:icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 0
Reimu's Girls
"Reimu's Girls" sung by Marisa Kirisame, Yukari Yakumo, and Sanae Kochiya
Based on the "Chevy's Girls" song from Saturday Night Live, as performed by Gilda Radner, Jane Curtin, and Laraine Newman
(Music plays)
Group: When she's dodgin' bullets, my heart stands still
When she does "Fantasy Heaven," I could die
Marisa: When she talks dirty on that phone, it's like she's talkin' to me
I go to pieces when she sneezes in her tie
Group: When she gets with Cyborg, you know I'm never bored
She says "No problem," but I wish that she could see
Sanae: There is a problem, mine, because I want her so
Group: But if she takes me in her arms, there would be
Marisa: Reimu!
Group: Reimu, I love when you fall down
Each Saturday night on my PC
Yukari: Oh but Reimu, every time you take that fall,
Group: I wish that you were fallin'
Sanae: Fallin' for me
Group: I know this shouldn't be said,
"I wish her boyfriend were dead."
His tragic accidental death I scheme and plot
Yukari: So when in heaven we meet,
:icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 0
Colene by DannyWapBang Colene :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 2


Kagami Hiragi by Minami-Kousaka Kagami Hiragi :iconminami-kousaka:Minami-Kousaka 16 11 MBRS 2 - Just A Drive by StellasStar MBRS 2 - Just A Drive :iconstellasstar:StellasStar 39 70 CTCD- Style Reference Meme by StellasStar CTCD- Style Reference Meme :iconstellasstar:StellasStar 52 39 Grid by DraganD Grid :icondragand:DraganD 30 5 Electric kettle by tilk-the-cyborg Electric kettle :icontilk-the-cyborg:tilk-the-cyborg 4 2 Beer by tilk-the-cyborg Beer :icontilk-the-cyborg:tilk-the-cyborg 7 2 Injustice 2 Cyborg Grid by filipelocco Injustice 2 Cyborg Grid :iconfilipelocco:filipelocco 3 1 Crime Syndicate - Grid - Ray Fisher by farrrou Crime Syndicate - Grid - Ray Fisher :iconfarrrou:farrrou 16 1 CNN Crap Not News by OnlyTheGhosts CNN Crap Not News :icononlytheghosts:OnlyTheGhosts 92 135 Angel Uraraka by Axsens Angel Uraraka :iconaxsens:Axsens 6,585 270 Touhou - Ellen (SWR Style) by Cookie-Dough-Is-Good Touhou - Ellen (SWR Style) :iconcookie-dough-is-good:Cookie-Dough-Is-Good 6 2 Vs. Bowser: - Mario + Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story by Cookie-Dough-Is-Good Vs. Bowser: - Mario + Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story :iconcookie-dough-is-good:Cookie-Dough-Is-Good 3 0 Touhou OC- Masaoka by Cookie-Dough-Is-Good Touhou OC- Masaoka :iconcookie-dough-is-good:Cookie-Dough-Is-Good 3 2 Touhou Character Sorting by Cookie-Dough-Is-Good Touhou Character Sorting :iconcookie-dough-is-good:Cookie-Dough-Is-Good 1 1 Touhou - Koakuma (HM/ULIL/AOCF Style) by Cookie-Dough-Is-Good Touhou - Koakuma (HM/ULIL/AOCF Style) :iconcookie-dough-is-good:Cookie-Dough-Is-Good 5 4 Pauline Sprite Sheet by Cookie-Dough-Is-Good Pauline Sprite Sheet :iconcookie-dough-is-good:Cookie-Dough-Is-Good 11 6



Also, I've got a whole boatload of Victor Stone in my I'm only intending to upload these images to show how I draw Cyborg when there's reference around AND show the evolution of my drawing ability with a trackpad.
My Cyborg traces state where the image is from (and in one case, even gives a link to the original picture) so maybe it might be okay. It's actually part of practicing how to draw him. I intend to follow along with my mouse movements on paper one day. After I git gud at drawing Cyborg, I'll upload my own content featuring him and cease copying the comics and cartoons.
I guess I should think before I type and read the rules. I'm genuinely sorry for recoloring stuff I didn't own and not apologizing when I took them down; I should ask myself, "Is this spamming? Is once enough? Does it honestly have to do with the topic?" I'm not being selfish. It's just hard to understand other people, who don't understand me anyway. I'm sure you've been in this situation once before. I find it hard to have multiple interests. I spread misinformation just to protect the privacy of people I respect the wishes of. I WANTED to leave her alone for the rest of her life (She probably wouldn't even care if she found out.) I WANTED to move on. That other thing was a mistake I should've never made. I wish I could explain EVERYTHING that went on. How it wasn't the death part, but rather the roommate part I used to ban evade. How the death thing was just to replace my imaginary friend with a new one based on the ideals of me then. Could've said she'd moved, could've asked BR to add what I wanted to add. The latter perhaps. But nooooo. I've permanently screwed up my name.
The Amy, Sally, and Mina Genocide of March 2019

Fuck those three.
I'm gonna avenge the spirits of some relationships that were never meant to be by being the best person I can be.

BTW, I missed the Batman TV Show because I overslept. Fuck.
IFC airs the Batman TV Show. Between that and Wonder Woman and Swamp Thing on MeTV, my life is complete. Plus, got to see a bit of Constantine with Keanu Reeves afterwards. "Constantine, John Constantine, asshole."
How to succeed in life, Danny's edition:
uhhhh what am i supposed to do again?
Apparently they're just trolling me. Whoop-de-fucking-do. I'm so sorry for people who get the impression I'm like some creepy, insane, and weird fucking treacherous sociopath and try to put me in jail. Because they reverse all my edits to the page after I unknowingly became an attention whore. I even fucking explained in the discussion page that this is wrong and they should just fucking get it through their thick skulls before I realized they already knew and they were simply trolling. Or is it lolcows can't edit their own articles? If you're out there, BR, please fucking do something about this and consider the consequences of your actions. Because you didn't REVIEW THE FACTS like every person should and immediately jumped to a false conclusion, I'm being trolled by a well-known wretched hive of scum and villainy and I'm paranoid they're gonna find me outside of ED. Oh well. That's what you get for forgetting you said you'd never return... On the brighter side, Uncyclopedia is actually funny and I'm writing a few articles on there that I hope will make the community there laugh.
Yeah apparently that site's a joke but they take it way too seriously. I await when people really think I did do something as bad as that. *CRICKETS*
It sucks that ED called me a Sonicfag because I grew up with Sonic and I like the classic games better. Sonicfags such as Chris-chan like the modern games. Who cares if he and I share so many of the same characteristics? Chibiyima and I share more, considering she taught me her sick shit that sent me down the path of insanity. You go, BR and ED, for rescuing me.
Cyborg's snot.
Cyborg's snot.
Come way~
(to the tune of the Wrong Number Song)
Oh this is Brainiac! Brainiac is hot!
We're very, very sorry that it's Vril Dox!
you shut up about my old days and that dumb rumor nobody believes is false; now I hunt down sick fucks and lolcows and call them out on their stupidity
oh hi thanks for checking in i'm
The most magical time I'd ever experienced is, strangely enough, December 2017. (Pre-Christmas, of course.) During that time, though, I was anxious and depressed and didn't like/enjoy really anything that much; my parents would tell me I'd get no Christmas presents if I didn't do my chores. Looking back, it was all so stupid to be anxious and depressed. Sure, I obliviously did something "bad" on the CLG Wiki but if I had the chance to go back, I'd choose not to do it to keep my friendship with the people on that site. (Besides, I don't think anybody knew what I did until February 2018... uh-oh...)

The Internet was my safe haven. See, I wrote a script for a Toonami series that I later realized was the best thing I ever wrote. The fight scenes were detailed, and even though I didn't really do any detail on the settings later on in the script, it was okay. I also got to sit around in my purple winter coat in my room doing nothing on the Internet but just looking various stuff up; reading game reviews, Wikipedia, etc. Oh, and talk on Discord. Hours went by discussing finding the Toonami: Trapped in Hyperspace game with various former friends, as well as other stuff not related to Toonami but just as good. (Like Cowboy Bebop.)

I was also obsessed with The Powerpuff Girls around this time and would actually sneak downstairs at night to watch episodes On Demand while drinking soda and eating chips. During school, I'd draw the characters or write fanfiction ideas. One involved a crossover with the 80s incarnation of Strawberry Shortcake (which itself is pretty animesque.) Watching random PPG videos on my phone. That was me not doing any harm to anyone, just being myself.

Several moments throughout that month just seemed plain damn magical. Like when we went to New York City to see the Rockettes for the very first time (I suggested the idea!) and when just me and my mom went to Mitsuwa in Edgewater as not enough Japan Club members signed up for the school trip there, so they had to cancel it. That day, I got a bottle of Hello Kitty ramune and a Touhou folder I still have with Youmu Konpaku on one side and Hata no Kokoro on the other. I also got ramen that Mom made me for lunch a day later.
During our NYC trip, I was listening to "Buttercup (I'm a Supergirl)" by Shonen Knife, and when the sun went down completely, I was walking with my phone in full swing, listening to "Cats on Mars," thinking about Swayzak (and Toonami), thinking about random Powerpuff Girls related things (I remember reciting the intro out loud for some reason), and what have you not. Dancing with random people in Devils jerseys who were dancing. Getting my phone stolen by some bootleg Mickey Mouse cosplayer so he could have my picture taken with him. (He gave it back) I was laughing the entire time and couldn't breathe. It still makes me laugh to this day and I still have the picture. Taking pictures of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, the ice rink, St. Patrick's Cathedral; buying an Eevee plush at Nintendo World; visiting the NBC studio; seeing Lego PPG at the Lego store; seeing the Rockettes perform; even going home I was giving a long-ass rant to my parents about wanting to have been born the same year my eldest brother, Stephen, was so I could have seen Swayzak on TV in 2002. Typical weird behavior I had back then; but hey, that was one of my quirks.
Mitsuwa was two days later and I remember it being so quiet. Like a Ghibli film. The snow was falling and we had to run for cover; Mom sent me the picture of the bootleg Mickey Mouse from NYC; I bought my Touhou item; looking at the manga; listening to Christmas music on the way to and from Mitsuwa; bringing a Christmas Shizuka Minamoto (from Doraemon) plushie but having to leave her in the car; even the beginning of the day I remember what I was doing. Listening to "What a Girl Wants" by Christina Aguilera and looking at the Dragon Ball Z poster in the video and surmising that Christina liked Toonami and TOM 1. And that TOM 2 liked the song itself. Again, typical weird quirks.
Even driving to the theater to see The Last Jedi on its premiere date (the same day I wrote the Toonami script mentioned above, which I finished at 11pm because of the movie) seemed magical; the slushy snow and all and another Toonami project being worked on on my phone. (That project seems a little weird and possibly lolcow-worthy now, but nobody would even see it anyway as they wouldn't deliberately go to the site it was on.) 

So how does this compare to now?

Well, I did go through a phase of liking Powerpuff Girls earlier this month, but now it's all about Courage the Cowardly Dog. Again, I did like the show last December, but not as much as PPG. 
The only magical moment I've had was when I went to Paramus Park last Saturday. That really did feel like something out of last December, even if parts of it were interrupted by me thinking of a certain human Shadow. But the rest of it was just thinking about TOM 2 and looking at stuff that reminded me of him and playing my YTP of the Dropship review out loud from my phone near the front entrance.
Mom is taking me and Stephen to see the Rockettes this Saturday, but it might be during the day. And thanks to the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "Courage in the Big, Stinkin' City," things might go differently this year. (How come I did not think of that episode last December, anyway? I mean, we were in Radio City Music Hall, for crying out loud! Maybe I forgot that fact. Or my love of PPG was stronger.)

But hey, who knows, maybe it'll be magical after the fact. The only real magical stuff happened when I thought of TOM infected (don't ask please) and I do so right now. (Hacking an Ed Edd and Eddy flash game called "Infect-Ed," retheming it to Toonami, and calling it "Infect TOM" was one of my ideas last December, and it still sounds intriguing.)

You know what? Maybe this's just a "continuation" of sorts of the magical December 2017. December 2018, come way.

Also, pre-Christmas December 2017 actually foreshadowed my crush on Cyborg. No joke. (Has to do with that Teen Titans episode.)
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Danielle Pluzsik
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16, female, Jersey-born, brunette, meganekko, and if you can't already tell, a major DC nerd. I have Asperger's syndrome. And anxiety. You may know me from my old account, but I deleted it all because of my stupid shit I did there. My behavior may be disturbing to some, as I don't understand how people feel about me, I'm insecure, and I grew up on the Internet influenced by the wrong people, but once you get to know me and understand me, I'm a great friend. I care more about how people feel about me and what I can do for others and helping others than just myself. I believe in God and I hope I can overcome my unstable self.

I make music. And write. I'm trying to become a better artist and I'm gonna practice animating. I also voice act. (I'm training to, anyway) I describe visuals over at which is TV for blind people (read: audio.) And I'm learning to program in Ruby with my friend from Bananavision. By the way, I can speak fluent Japanese (somewhat.)

Right now I'm working on a Cyborg animated series and various other projects.
Find me on Twitter as dannythewoman, on Tumblr as SamidareSummerRain, on YouTube as hijhiysonikku, on SoundCloud as futureウェーブ (wave)ॐ, on CastingCallClub as memiko209, and on DC Universe as DCGirlLady. And on Wikia (I refuse to call it FANDOM; it will forever be Wikia to me) as Konnichiku; I've recently been promoted to admin on the Courage the Cowardly Dog wiki.

You can visit my imaginary friend here: :iconyuukit96:

Current Residence: Demarest, New Jersey
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 5'2
Print preference: 8.5" by 11.10"
Favourite genre of music: Future funk
Favourite photographer: Me
Favourite style of art: Comic book art (DC)
Operating System: MacBook Pro, Samsung Galaxy J7
MP3 player of choice: iTunes, Google Play Music
Shell of choice: What's a shell?
Wallpaper of choice: Radical Edward
Skin of choice: Default
Favorite cartoon character: Cyborg, TOM 2, and Swayzak
Personal Quote: "I have failed to succeed!"

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this part aint finished yet

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