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This image, holy crap, Amy's face, she's running towards this kawaii Metal-chan, holy crap, though it should've been Amy holding those ...

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Ren'ai Circulation - KANJI lyrics
:icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 0
Cyborg by DannyWapBang Cyborg :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 0
Japanese version of Cyborg's theme song
今日も日を助けよ (CALL CYBORG)
人種差別なく誰でも生きるよ(CAUSE HE’S CYBORG)
大きな声で呼んで送れよ (CALL CYBORG)
お悩み半分解決しっちゃうよ(CAUSE HE’S CYBORG)
:icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 0
Reimu's Girls
"Reimu's Girls" sung by Marisa Kirisame, Yukari Yakumo, and Sanae Kochiya
Based on the "Chevy's Girls" song from Saturday Night Live, as performed by Gilda Radner, Jane Curtin, and Laraine Newman
(Music plays)
Group: When she's dodgin' bullets, my heart stands still
When she does "Fantasy Heaven," I could die
Marisa: When she talks dirty on that phone, it's like she's talkin' to me
I go to pieces when she sneezes in her tie
Group: When she gets with Cyborg, you know I'm never bored
She says "No problem," but I wish that she could see
Sanae: There is a problem, mine, because I want her so
Group: But if she takes me in her arms, there would be
Marisa: Reimu!
Group: Reimu, I love when you fall down
Each Saturday night on my PC
Yukari: Oh but Reimu, every time you take that fall,
Group: I wish that you were fallin'
Sanae: Fallin' for me
Group: I know this shouldn't be said,
"I wish her boyfriend were dead."
His tragic accidental death I scheme and plot
Yukari: So when in heaven we meet,
:icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 0
Colene by DannyWapBang Colene :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 0 Etsuko by DannyWapBang Etsuko :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 1 0
Sonic Rides a Roller Coaster
Summer had fallen over Mobius, and a Hedgehog family in particular decided the best way to beat the heat was to go on vacation.
Bernadette, Chevy, and Sonic the Hedgehog were off to Atlanta, Georgia. They had promised Sonic they'd take him to Six Flags Over Georgia; Georgia's "thrill capital." However, Sonic wasn't really up to thrills as much as it appeared he was. The truth was, he was actually scared of roller coasters. He'd look up at those big metal machines each time he went to Twinkle Park and shiver. He'd die on those things! Do people really like being turned upside down again and again until they puked? It didn't help that Sonic and his best friend Chico once attempted to brave a ride called the SkyMaster at the local carnival. They both got sick! So no way Sonic was going on a roller coaster. Except for the Wacky Worm. That was safe.
The car parked and out jumped Sonic, psyched to check out the rides. Bernadette and Chevy stepped out of the car and took Sonic by the hand. Th
:icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 1
Rouge by DannyWapBang Rouge :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 0 Gilda Radner by DannyWapBang Gilda Radner :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 0
I'm a Woman
"I'm a Woman" sung by Amy Rose
(Music plays)
Amy: I'm a woman,
I'm a hedgehog,
I'm in the city,
I'm Amy Rose!
I like Sonic,
Fortune tellin',
And tarot cards,
And also dowsin'
I'm in a band,
With Sally and
Mina the Mongoose
We have some good tunes
I'm eight years old
I can't rhyme, so
I'll end this song,
It wasn't long!
I'm a woman~!
I'm a woman~
:icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 2
SonBoom gijinka script: You're Being A Real Louse by DannyWapBang SonBoom gijinka script: You're Being A Real Louse :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 1 1 Sonic Boom gijinka script: Distress Test by DannyWapBang Sonic Boom gijinka script: Distress Test :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 1 1 Winslow's Home Movies by DannyWapBang Winslow's Home Movies :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 0 0
[Chaossauce] Shadow - Windows XP Destruction
Shadow: Alright, lemme hear that glorious oldschool-- YES! (laughter) It's a little old; 2001.
You see when Sonic started-- STOPPED using emeralds, he went for meth instead. So he's got bad teeth.
I forgot how Nookless looks, but I'll do my best. He has, like, spikes too right? Alright.
Shut up! Jesus UGH! God I can't stand it, even ironically.
Uh alright. You guys remember the-- Uh... the S Symbol? This thing?
Hang on, I-- I don't remember how to draw it, but, you did, like, this, this, this, and I remember, in school, you went like...
You guys remember the S? It's something like, eh-geh, "Doogy," you guys remember this thing? We used to scribble it on-- on our textbooks all the time. But I was the only kid who didn't learn it.
The trick is to just spam it right? So good at this.
If I get any offers on the internet that says "DOWNLOAD THESE COOL VIRUSES!" you know, I will definitely do it.
Make it really small, like that... yes WE'RE REALLY GETTING TO THAT AUTHENTIC 2003 EXPERIENCE!
:icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 1 0
what a nice day by DannyWapBang what a nice day :icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 2 3
If You Look Close
"If You Look Close" sung by Amy Rose, Sally Acorn, and Mina the Mongoose
Based on the "If You Look Close" song from Saturday Night Live, as performed by Gilda Radner, Jane Curtin, and Laraine Newman
(Music plays)
Amy: I'm eight - I sing loud,
Know that always gets a crowd
Talkin' dirty is not allowed
I read fortunes, and I'm proud
Future funk is my game,
I am vaporwave's new slave,
I am punky to the grave,
I can sing and I can rave~!
Watch my blouse!
I got the rhythm, tennis shoed feet
Tutu to go with 'em
Group: We are great
Don't need no practice
Got what it takes to make a star~!
Mina: One, two, three, four!
Amy: If you look close
You can see my spines
'Cause I want ya to, but don't want ya to know that I do!
Sally + Mina: If you look close, you can see her spines,
'Cause she wants you to, but doesn't want you to know she does
If you look close, you can see her spines,
'Cause she wants you to, but doesn't want you to know that she does~
Amy: I'm a rascal; I don't care
:icondannywapbang:DannyWapBang 1 1


Meta Knight by hesnotdead Meta Knight :iconhesnotdead:hesnotdead 3 1 Tom v.2 by hesnotdead Tom v.2 :iconhesnotdead:hesnotdead 11 2 Rez HD by gamergaijin Rez HD :icongamergaijin:gamergaijin 1 3 Misty by larienne Misty :iconlarienne:larienne 4,404 120 Tom 2 by Funkbob Tom 2 :iconfunkbob:Funkbob 19 6 Green Lantern -Soar- Pencil by Jerrydrizzt Green Lantern -Soar- Pencil :iconjerrydrizzt:Jerrydrizzt 1 1 See Ya Space Cowboy by Requiem-Delacroix See Ya Space Cowboy :iconrequiem-delacroix:Requiem-Delacroix 70 42 TOM (Toonami Operation Module) by Alejandr01 TOM (Toonami Operation Module) :iconalejandr01:Alejandr01 40 5 Captain Planet -- Gi by perishing-twinkie Captain Planet -- Gi :iconperishing-twinkie:perishing-twinkie 313 77 George Shrinks Sketch by kreazea George Shrinks Sketch :iconkreazea:kreazea 12 5 Spice Up Your Life: A Tribute by elfgirlkimmy Spice Up Your Life: A Tribute :iconelfgirlkimmy:elfgirlkimmy 119 70 Spice Girls - Greatest Hits by Exemi Spice Girls - Greatest Hits :iconexemi:Exemi 28 7 Spice Girls - 2nd version by Exemi Spice Girls - 2nd version :iconexemi:Exemi 175 41 Sailor Spice Girls by SLIPKNOT3000 Sailor Spice Girls :iconslipknot3000:SLIPKNOT3000 46 14 Injustice 2 Cyborg 2 by OtakuDude83 Injustice 2 Cyborg 2 :iconotakudude83:OtakuDude83 6 6
Kapanet Nitori FULL Lyrics
Nitori hun ga shigoto de isogashii no wa wakarimasu e,
Su ya kedo, sukoshi wa Hakurei Jinjan no koto mo kangaete morawan to...
Reimu ka, kore wo tsukuttetan ya.
Homma, uchi no o-saisen tsukai taoshite... Nitori hun?
Gahaha! Yotte rashai mitte rashai! Kyou mo tasha ni makenai bottakuri kakaku de,
Itsumo nya-nya genkin barai,
Nitori no urutora bottakuri TEREBI SHOPPINGU
Ha~jimaru yo!!!
Yukkuri katte tte itte nee!!!
Kappa Kappaa ya, Kappa Kappaa ya, Kappa Kappaa ya,
Genka hyaku-bai ampan men!
Kappa Kappaa ya, Kappa Kappaa ya, Kappa Kappaa ya,
Iruka no KOPII hyaku-man-en!
Kappa Kappaa ya, Kappa Kappaa ya, Kappa Kappaa ya,
Kara-bako okutte boro-mouke!
Kappa Kappaa ya, Kappa Kappaa ya, Kappa Kappaa ya,
O-denwa taihen konde maasu!
Saa, saa, minna~san, kore wo mite,
Honji tsu shoukai shimasu no wa,
Nandemo kandemo daidai supasupa to kirechau,
Mahou no, you na SURAISAA!
Go-ran ni natte kono kire aji,
Kyuuri wo supa-supa to,
Nn? Nan...da to? Kore wa kyuuri janai! Okura
:iconchelseafcrocks82:chelseafcrocks82 1 2



rip stanley
it's like he heard jack kirby calling up there "hey come on up now you're getting old and i think it's time for us to reunite once again"
1922-2018 (wow that's a long time!)
i have gotten back into Toonami full time now and regret most of the Sonicfag phase. Even Human Shadow as I think that one Teen Titans episode is the real reason I think Cyborg is hot. And if I didn't receive Sanic Forces You to Be a Sonicfag for Christmas I'd have still liked Cyborg anyway when I'd eventually hear of Cyborg: Cyber Spin thanks to that Teen Titans episode. Plus I deleted one of my best scripts of all time under the sole notion that it was "gross" because it was Toonami and the subject matter. And I'm rewriting it, but it's not as good as the original. I can't ever get back because I deleted it on both and permanently deleted it in the trash bin; WHAT WAS I THINKING? FUCK SANIC! Except for the music that's good
*i fucking love long long long journey by bill wurtz*
it's all about me
on my 16th birthday
i want music, clothes, and shiny things
so give it up right away
everyone in the whole wide world
they have to listen to me
it's all about me, me, and guess who?
*be donk boo doo dish*
i don't have enough time...
"Couldn't do that last night" - Cyborg, Justice League
What does Super Saiyan 3 look like?

Hey guys, this is me, Sonbreezie (please don't call me that anymore, I cringe at the mention of that name)
I'd like to see a Walfas version of Cyborg from DC Comics
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DannyWapBang's Profile Picture
Danielle Pluzsik
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States


16, female, Jersey-born, brunette, meganekko, and if you can't already tell, a major comic nerd. I have Asperger's syndrome. And anxiety. I used to have an account on here which I used until very recently, actually, but I left for reasons. Mostly involving some of my shittier works. My behavior may be disturbing to some, as I don't understand how people feel about me, but once you get to know me and understand me, I'm a great friend. I believe in God and I hope I can overcome my unstable self.

I make music. I'm trying to become a better artist and I'm gonna practice animating. I also voice act. (I'm training to, anyway) I describe visuals over at which is TV for blind people (read: audio.) And I'm learning to program in Ruby with my friend from Bananavision.

Right now I'm working on a Toonami anime series.
Find me on Twitter as dannythewoman, on Tumblr as SamidareSummerRain, on YouTube as hijhiysonikku, on SoundCloud as futureウェーブ (wave)ॐ, on CastingCallClub as memiko209, and on DC Universe as DCGirlLady.

Current Residence: Demarest, New Jersey
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 5'2
Print preference: 8.5" by 11.10"
Favourite genre of music: Future funk
Favourite photographer: Me
Favourite style of art: Comic book art (DC)
Operating System: MacBook Pro, Samsung Galaxy J7
MP3 player of choice: iTunes, Google Play Music
Shell of choice: What's a shell?
Wallpaper of choice: I don't know what to set as my wallpaper right now
Skin of choice: Default
Favourite cartoon character: Cyborg and TOM 2
Personal Quote: "I have failed to succeed!"

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this part aint finished yet

:thumb669714805: :thumb657213383: :thumb651170680: Infinite Fan Stamp by Wildcat1999 Sonic Forces Infinite stamp by helasz Sonic vs Shadow_Sonic Generations by Rothstein-Kaiser Metal Sonic Stamp by Rothstein-Kaiser :thumb640491399: Nostalgia Critic Fan by gravitta :thumb640491275: :thumb681323346: This is Chester A. Bum saying by ToastersToastToast THIS IS PATRICK by ToastersToastToast Spice Girlz by bitchinvixen We Gotta Find The Princess by ToastersToastToast This Stamp Contains PINGAS by ToastersToastToast Nothing Nice to Say by ToastersToastToast Homework Is Murder by ToastersToastToast Lousy Homework by ToastersToastToast THEY LIED TO ME by ToastersToastToast Love by ToastersToastToast Bi by meg181 fictional characters stamp by ohhperttylights I love the rain V2 by ohhperttylights this is who i am by ohhperttylights In Love by Mystic-Viper Its Love stamp by AznCeestar Gamers Stamp by AznCeestar Fan Art Stamp by Lilostitchfan Stamp | Vaporwave by GhostiKid Stamp | Future Funk by GhostiKid 2010's Games stamp by Genesismax 2000's Toons stamp by Genesismax 2010's Toons Stamp by Genesismax 2000's Games stamp by Genesismax Cuphead stamp by Genesismax Running Mickey Mouse stamp by Genesismax 90's CARTOONS FAN stamp by RiniWonderland Rocko Stamp by Netaro Catdog stamp by Kaisuke1 Google stamp by Kaisuke1 hot n cold stamp by Kaisuke1 Boxman Stamp by SusantheMartian Poison Ivy Fan Stamp by RiniWonderland Stamp: Hush now, SJW's. by FriendlyHougen Not a weeaboo stamp by Rhoey I Love My Haters by OhHeyItsSK fictosexual stamp by cbaby167 Fictional Love by argonna-misty-veils Yiff stamp by zimandgir7 Furry Pervert Stamp by DragonHeartLuver Furry definition stamp by TheLeetCasualGamer Christian furry stamp by Cammie-Mile Furry stamp by golden-jackal Fictional Characters by CorporalMarshmallow OH, YOU AUTISTIC ASS FAG! by FriendlyHougen Fictional Love Stamp by Pranxtorr Anti Sonic abusing Amy art Stamp by Vertekins Stamp - The X-Files by TheSallySaga




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