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The mask goes OVER your nose



I'm alive!! This artwork is a very old one, from 2018, but when I searched in my gallery for pictures that I could use for my uni project, I stumbled upon my digital drawings, including this sketchy portrait of Christian that I never uploaded. Christian's style was ahead of their time, I'd say :D

But for real - my PSA as a fully trained and certified respiratory/speech/voice therapist: the mask goes OVER your nose!

Both your nose and mouth are connected to one and the same respiratory system which can only be properly protected if you cover both parts. I've seen so many people, even ex-students from my own profession school, who are either seemingly unaware of that fact or just completely ignorant and don't give a sh*t about the rules. This isn't only careless, but also potentially dangerous for the people around us, especially the ones who are in high risk of catching the virus and falling severly ill.
Thank you for your attention.

Can't believe I disappeared from DeviantArt for almost a year! Unfortunately, I'm not able to draw digitally since I moved to a dorm room with a desk that's way too small for my huge display tablet :') I didn't stop doing art completely, I did some drawings here and there, mostly traditionally, however I focused on make-up looks for my instagram account (coughcough the name is _danneon coughcough) during the last year! I'm not sure if I'll make a proper comeback on here but I hope not to disappear for one year once again. :D I miss drawing all my characters and doing concepts for my story and still have some adopted characters from 2018/2019 that I wanna draw for once.

Christian was designed by eight-legs 
Nunukes are a species by Guppie-Vibes 
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AHH I really missed seeing your uploads QOQ

This is looking really great and no matter what you do in the future, I'll root for you and support you!