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Cerise from CosmiChaos! Her design really got into shape (pentagonal to be exact, lmao) over the years, but it hasn't been until last summer that I actually started to like her design. Compared to Almond, Cerise's outer appearance has gone through a lot of changes and I altered her face, her clothes etc. multiple times until she actually got a cute, very likable design which is not too plain or just too "weird". Her personality, however, has remained the same: a timid realist and passionate dancer who has to stop Almond from time to time when she gets lost in pure enthusiasm... but beside that, the two girls become close friends who complement each other in many ways.

On a side note, I didn't only give Cerise and Almond completely new outfits, but I also slightly altered their hair colors since I considered them too "greyish" for their current design... the color choices came from a time in which I was stuck to colors that weren't too saturated and accidentially gave almost all of my characters a sort of ugly greyness ;;;;
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I love her facial design!