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CH 6.2, S-Blitz by dannytranvan CH 6.2, S-Blitz by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 21 June 2014

The only way for me to focus on taking down Reichi is by getting rid of Aita first. My only way to get rid of Aita quickly is by using an Inferno clone. Before I am able to do that, I have to distract Reichi while Aita is distracted by me.

[Zhenwu] Hey clone, I want you to team up with me against Reichi.
[Zhenwu-IC] All right!
[Zhenwu] OKay! Let's goooo!!

We charged towards Reichi. It seems Reichi is ready to take both of us down with his hands. Aita begins to use more earth skills to hinder our way towards Reichi.

[Aita] *slams both hands onto ground, chi rings comes out* Earth Release: Uprising Needles!!!!!

We dodged many of those needles appearing out of nowhere from the ground as we charged for Reichi. Reichi charges straight towards for us.

[Aita] (Good. I gotta bring them closer to Reichi.) *claps hands together in a seal known as start, chi ring comes out* Earth Release: Platform!!!

Aita slammed his foot onto the ground! A big piece of earth platform came up at an angle towards him! Quickly as the earth platform stood vertically, Aita launches the platform away from him with both of his hands!! The platform is now going straight for the two Zhenwus as it continues to travel vertically intact at a fast speed!!

Before we were close enough to Reichi, I saw behind me a floor of earth coming towards us. Quickly I thought to myself that Aita is trying to trap us so that Reichi can throw a punch at us with nowhere for us to escape. Time has come.

I grabbed my Inferno Clone on the wrist and fling him across the sky towards Aita. Now what's left for me is to dodge Reichi's fist!

Zhenwu-IC flies across the sky. Aita tries to use a skill to stop the clone, but he was too late! As soon as Aita tries to use a hand sign, he was quickly stopped by the clone which got a hold of Aita from behind!

[Zhenwu-IC] *grabs Aita by the neck* too slow!
[Aita] What the?!
[Zhenwu-IC] *smirks*  S-BLITZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Aita] NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Inferno Clone lit up. Orange colored flames appear on Aita as the clone becomes the flames himself as he is holding onto Aita. As flames were burning Aita up, an explosion quickly occurred.


The big explosion caught Reichi's attention.

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August 27, 2015
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