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CH 5.5, Dual Touch by dannytranvan CH 5.5, Dual Touch by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 15 March 2014

His blade spins towards me. The blade comes closer to me. I have to think quickly. I suddenly came up with a solution. The blade comes a few inches towards me. Closer..closer...closer....Quickly I Brought Out My Katana And DEFLECTED It!!

Reichi's blade went out of range, but the rock barriers collided against my arms.

[Aita] Ha! Right where we want you to be!! *claps hands together, chi ring comes out* Earth Release: Twin Barriers Collision!! *The rock barriers went closer onto Zhenwu*
[Zhenwu] Tch. There's no way out of this. Maybe if..
[Reichi] (a good setup indeed)
[Zhenwu] I gotta get out of this quickly. *quickly claps hand together, chi ring comes out, then spreads arms outward towards the walls* (*right hand* Fire Touch, and *left hand* Lightning Touch) Double Release: DUAL TOUCH!!

Dark orange (outside of fire), orange (middle of fire), and light orange (inner of fire) colors of the Fire touch came out! Glowing orange color around the outside of the white color of the Lightning touch came out!! Fire touch in fire!! Lightning touch in lightning!! The Dual Touch!!!

The barrier around me crackles as my Fire and Lightning touch collides against its surface. I pushed onto it as hard as I can *sizzles-Fire touch, crackles-Lightning touch*, the surface makes more sizzles and crackles then.... *kabwooshhh* Out came the fire and lightning!! I then dashed out of the hole in the barrier that the lighting created.

[Aita] Danggg ittt!! *the Earth barriers collided*
[Reichi] ! Not bad.
[Zhenwu] *Lands out of the collided barriers* That's just the beginning Reichi (I must find a way to distract Aita while attacking Reichi, if I can't, it may interfere me from attacking him).

Peace-In-Violence Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
looks good
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March 22, 2014
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