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CH 4.8, Coroji vs Tekai by dannytranvan CH 4.8, Coroji vs Tekai by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 14 November 2015

8 Additional Coroji appears after Coroji, the Mao user, used his Shenghu technique!
Team Tekai is surprised to see such clones appear around Coroji.
While they were distracted, Coroji didn't bother wasting time, since Axel's Impacto is coming quickly towards the restricted Coroji.

All of the Coroji's minds are linked with each other.

An orange aura on all of the clones was not necessary to give connections or signals to each other. Since Coroji used Shenghu, they can all give signals, connections, and thoughts through each other’s minds not letting the opponent suspect anything of what they will do next. In fact, they know where each other’s positions are at. They do not need orange aura where one of the Coroji has to do something for other Coroji with orange aura to sense what they are doing.

[Coroji] (4 Counter, 4 Undo, everyone!)

Quickly the 8 clones went into their positions around Coroji.
The 4 clones quickly grabbed onto the Water bundle skill from left and right and back and front.
The other 4 clones prepared to make their counter on the Impacto.

As soon as the clones did that, the Tekai team snapped out of their surprised distraction and tried to stop the clones when they saw what the clones were doing!

The Impacto collided towards the 4 clones’ fists!! Can the Tekai team stop them before Coroji becomes unrestricted from the water bundle?!

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November 14, 2015
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