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CH 4.4, Underestimating One Foe by dannytranvan CH 4.4, Underestimating One Foe by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 11 October 2015

There comes Goober flying in circles going backwards in full speed after Coroji's punch!!!
He collides against the ground, still going backwards!!

PHHHHHCRRRRHH!!!! Rocks everywhere as Goober goes far away from the direction Coroji punched him!

Meanwhile, Singh, who was also attacked at the same time, had a shuriken cutting with sparks everywhere on the middle of his mask!! The mask cracks slowly as the shuriken continues to spin!! Singh was lucky to have a mask on his face. If it wasn't for the mask, the shuriken would have cut through his head! He would have been dead! It was not long before the shuriken sent Singh flying backwards with his mask fully cut in half!

While both Goober and Singh suffered from Coroji's attack, Axel also suffered! He suffered from the kunai Coroji threw at him! Just when he thought it was just a regular kunai, he found out it was an explosive kunai with the explosive tag attached to it! Axel tried to get it before it exploded but it was too late! Axel's right arm is injured leaving no clothing on his right arm! Even his mask shattered! Luckily if it wasn't for the mask, his whole arm would have been blown off!

After Coroji attacked them, he quickly appeared where his shuriken is at and grabbed his shuriken to prepare to make a next move.

The Tekai team are left on the ground, from Coroji's counter.
Quick. Fast, how can it be?

After the battle had settled down, the Tekai team gotten up to prepare for what's coming next.
Unfortunately, there is one member who hadn't gotten quite up. His head is in the ground with his body up, upside down.

It is Goober. When Axel saw Goober still in the ground, he used his wind element, Yizhi, around Goober's center body to get him carried up by it. Goober is out of the ground.

[Goober] *cough* blahhh!! Uh! *cough*

Goober, who just had gotten out of the ground, is coughing out all the rocks that went in his mouth when he collided to the ground with his head down while still going backwards.

[Goober] How ironic. Eating rocks because I am an earth user.
[Axel] *takes off ruined jacket and set it to ground while he talks* Are you guys all right?
[Singh] Luckily.

If it wasn't for Goober being an earth user, he would have been dead, from eating too much Earth.
If it wasn't for Axel's mask, he would have been dead with no arm.
If it wasn't for Singh's mask, he would have been dead with no head.

So yes. They are all lucky to be alive after getting attacked by Coroji's first move.

[Axel] Tch. Shouldn't have underestimated him, just because there is only one of him. Going three against one person is not easy what I thought. Especially since he is a Rebel member.
[Singh] What should we do?
[Axel] We come up with a plan before he takes his next move.

Axel, Singh, and Goober discussed a plan to find a way to take him down.

[Goober] *whispers with team while they are making a plan* He's fast. I might be too slow to catch up with him.
[Axel] *whispers too* Yes..that might be a problem.

Coroji sees they are gathered around making a plan.

[Coroji] What are you guys doing? Even if you are making a plan, it won't work against me. I don't have time to wait on you all making a plan. I have other things to do.

Coroji begins dashing towards them!!

[Singh] All right. Let's do this.
[Goober] I'll make the first move.

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October 11, 2015
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