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CH 4.24, Ending You with an Impacto!! by dannytranvan CH 4.24, Ending You with an Impacto!! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 3 January 2015 (7 February 2017)

Before it is too late, Axel used his hand signs before Coroji does something dangerous!!

The dead bodies of Corojis in the battlefield begin to turn into spirits like how they were created before!! They are coming towards the body of Coroji who is falling from the sky!!!

Axel, who is seeing the situation of the battlefield, quickly uses his strongest attack without a doubt!!

[Axel] Wind Release: IMPACTO!!!!!

Axel blows out a massive wind from his mouth!! This big wind attack is coming straight towards Coroji!!
Coroji, who cannot stop the process of his Shengshi, tries to endure the coming attack, but he can’t!! As soon as the Impacto came straight onto him, Axel’s attack quickly broke away Coroji’s hand sign!!!

[Coroji] Damn!!

The spirits that were coming to the falling Coroji disappeared away!
Coroji is at a loss!!

He is quickly slammed onto the ground by Axel’s attack coughing out blood with his arms spreading out!! More cracks formed behind Coroji upon impact against the ground! Rocks are flying everywhere around him!

This attack is so powerful, it left Coroji bleeding everywhere!!
Coroji suddenly have this orange aura around him! His current state of Mao is fading away, returning his original appearance! The orange aura around Coroji disappears!
When Axel’s attack is finally finished, a bandana is floating in the sky with blood stained on it. It floats from the air and landed on the ground near Coroji.

There it shows Coroji dead on the ground with blood spreading everywhere around him.
Coroji is finally defeated.

[Axel] Finally!
Ugh! (This last attack used up all of my chi..! Tch! It hurts!!) *Keaisu fades away, Axel’s black eyes returned*

Axel collapsed onto the ground. There is blood spreading from below him where his stomach is. His stomach injury was caused by Coroji’s shuriken attack earlier. Such a big loss of blood Axel is having, he feels like he has no energy left to get himself into the Lantern Village. And so Axel stayed there on the ground, breathing slowly with his eyes half way opened, as he waits for someone to notice him. As he waits, he closed his eyes hoping that it would at least lessen the pain.

Luckily in a short time from a far distance, Axel hears noises of footsteps! Suddenly, the footsteps stopped, and soon enough the unknown people talks.

[Shin] You guys all right? This is Shin and Genzu. Yudai sent us in case you guys are having trouble with the Rebel.
[Genzu] Hm. It looked like they had trouble, but from the looks of it, Team Tekai defeated one of the strong Rebel members.

Axel slowly looked up by opening his eyes half way to see who this Shin and Genzu is.

[Axel] So you are Shin…and Genzu. I see… *coughs* We manage…to stop…the Rebel…from invading the…front side...of the village…

Suddenly, Axel fainted because he lost too much blood.

[Shin] I guess they completed their special mission.
[Genzu] I think there are more of the Rebel members remaining. We will leave the rest up to Team Heroes against them.
[Shin] There are still more?
[Genzu] Yeah.  There shouldn’t be a problem though, especially when there is a member of the strongest clan in Team Heroes.
[Shin] Huh I see. We will leave it up to them, let’s carry Team Tekai into the village to recover and do something about that dead Rebel member on the ground.

The scene shows Zhenwu, Suoje, and Ming heading towards the other side of the Lantern Village. They finally arrived, but what appeared in front of them is trouble!

SockWolfArt Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks good :)
dannytranvan Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks! :D
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