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CH 4.22, Too Many Yizhis!! by dannytranvan CH 4.22, Too Many Yizhis!! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 3 January 2015

There shows Axel who is already in so much pain! But no! Axel refuses to die! He endures it and blows out his Blasto attack!!

[Axel] Wind Release: Blasto!!
[Coroji] !! (How?!)
[Axel] (It was a good thing I quickly used these hand signs for Blasto right after I made hand signs for Gust just in case he tries to attack me up here.)

Coroji quickly got out his shuriken and blocked Axel’s Blasto!!
Axel’s attack failed!!
Coroji got out his left fist!
Axel quickly noticed and uses the hand signs (Start! Wind! *chi ring comes out!*) for Gust again!
Coroji quickly smashed his fist against the Blasto through the hole of his shuriken!!
Axel’s attack quickly dispersed away. Coroji’s cannon beam is coming towards him, but Axel managed to dodge it at the last second by blowing out his Gust skill once again!!

[Coroji] Tch, he dodged it. At his angle he shouldn’t be able to dodge quickly. In that case…*grabs onto his shuriken and placed it beneath him* I am going full out towards him!!

Coroji launches himself away from his shuriken by kicking off his shuriken with orange aura around his feet!! This sent the cannon beam flying out on the other side of his shuriken! Because of that, the cannon beam gave Coroji a great launching boost when he jumped off towards Axel!!

[Axel] I can’t dodge him at this angle, I must stop him!! *claps his hands with chi ring coming out and then raised one of his hands quickly up* Wind Release: Yizhi!!

Many Yizhis appeared in Coroji’s path!! All of this done at one swing of his arm by the work of Axel’s spinning Keaisu eyes!!

[Coroji] I will not get caught up through your spamming!!

Many Yizhis continue to appear in Coroji’s path!! Then suddenly, one of the Yizhis caught Coroji by his foot before he can land a powerful punch on Axel!!

[Axel] *coughs* (I used up too much chi from releasing these Yizhis at the same time. I’ll finish him off with this next attack..!)

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January 3, 2016
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