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CH 4.20, Watch Where You Step by dannytranvan CH 4.20, Watch Where You Step by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 3 January 2015 (7 February 2017)

Axel awakened Keaisu!! It is now time to take down the remaining Corojis!!

[Coroji] There is only 1 of them. It shouldn’t be a problem taking him down with 2 of us versus him alone.
[Other Coroji] All right, let’s do this!

The 2 Corojis dashed quickly towards Axel!! Before they gotten half way there, they quickly skipped in front of each other creating a dust so that Axel can’t see where their attacks are going!!

Then suddenly out from the dust is 1 Coroji!! He comes charging at Axel quickly with his Cannon Fist, but Axel dodged him successfully!!

As Axel dodged Coroji, he quickly uses hand signs before he goes behind Coroji!!

He clapped his hands *chi ring comes out* and quickly brought his hand up! Axel then uses hand signs of Start, Wind, and Flow *chi ring comes out*!! He did this all quickly!!

[Axel] Wind Release: Yizhi!! Wind Release: Bulleto!!

Before Coroji can turn around and attack Axel, a sudden wind quickly grabbed a hold of him!! It is Axel’s Yizhi!! Coroji is unable to attack Axel while he is trapped!!

And without a doubt, Axel with his breath already held in, released his attack, Bulleto!! Multiple Bulletos landed on Coroji as Axel’s Keaisu eyes spins!

Coroji fell down on the ground with his blood spreading when the Yizhi dispersed away!

But wait a minute! There is another Coroji up behind Axel!!
How did this happen?!

There is a flashback scene showing a blur of another Coroji among the dust following Axel from behind when he dodged Coroji’s Cannon Fist!!

The flashback scene returns to the current situation of the battle.

As soon as Axel killed Coroji, who missed him, the other Coroji dashed behind him at a quick distance and bent down quickly!!
With his arms far behind him, Coroji quickly swings his left fist surrounded by orange aura behind Axel!!

[Coroji] Mao: Cannon Fist!!
[Axel] !!

Axel is shocked to see the other Coroji was behind him!! As soon as Coroji attacked Axel with Cannon Fist, Axel is launched into the sky!!

Coroji brought out his foot and quickly stomped his foot onto the ground! Cracks appear beneath his foot!

From a far distance, a crack appears close beneath where Axel is flying to.
Then suddenly a big burst of beam exploded from the ground into the sky!
Will Axel be able to dodge the Cannon Quake successfully or will he die? Stay tune!

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January 3, 2016
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