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CH 4.18, Be Rid of the Smoke and Within by dannytranvan CH 4.18, Be Rid of the Smoke and Within by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 28 December 2015

Team Tekai quickly snapped out of their confusion as they remembered that there are still 3 remaining Corojis. And worst yet, they are running towards the village!

Singh quickly got out his last smoke bomb from his pocket and threw it to the ground! Big burst of smokes came out!

They begin their next attack to take down the remaining three! But..

[Main Coroji] Heh. They quickly snapped out from their confusion. However, don’t think attacking from or out of the smokes will stop us! MAO: CANNON QUAKE!!!

Coroji quickly got out his right leg and slammed his feet towards the ground while there is an orange color aura around his feet (this appears whenever his fist, feet, or any other body part makes or about to have contact with another object)! Cracks quickly form beneath his feet when he stomped his feet onto the ground!

Out from the far distance where team Tekai is, a crack forms on the ground. It continues to crack more as if something is about to come out from it.
It is a cannon beam!! But how?! Isn’t a cannon beam supposed to shoot out from a following direction where Coroji punches or kicks? What is going on?!

A beam popped out from the smokes where Axel, Singh, and Goober are!
The beam stripped off the earth armor from Goober while he is inside of the beam with smokes following off of him!! He is no longer protected!!

Coroji uses Cannon Quake again, and so another beam shoots out from the smoke!! This cannon beam stripped off the water armor from Singh while he is also inside of the beam with many smokes following off of him!! He is also no longer protected!!

And so, to make sure everything is dispersed and destroyed, Coroji uses Cannon Quake multiple times!!! His feet keep stomping onto the ground up and down!! More cracks formed beneath his feet! And so, more cannon beams appear where team Tekai is!!

As many cannon beams rise from the ground with rocks flying upwards in its direction, the smoke in the battle area quickly moved away from it and then dispersed away!

There with the smokes and cannon beams gone, shows Goober, Singh, and Axel on the ground all burnt up and followed by smokes from the cannon beams. They are badly injured! What will happen to them next?! Will they be able to protect the Lantern Village?  Stay tune!

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December 28, 2015
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