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CH 4.16, Limited Vision within the Smoke by dannytranvan CH 4.16, Limited Vision within the Smoke by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 28 December 2015

After having seen what happened to their teammates, the following Corojis are now aware that they must be alert within their surrounding!

But wait, team Tekai is attacking differently now!!
This is unexpected!!
Instead of attacking out from the smoke, they are attacking within the smoke!!
The smoke spreads fast when Tekai decided to not attack out from it!
Soon enough the whole battle area, where the following Corojis and Tekai are, is surrounded in smokes!!

[1 of Following Corojis] (tch! Can’t see well in these smokes! This is not good! We must be alert at all times and find them in here!)

The Corojis looked around slowly within their surroundings as they are being alert.
Out from the far distance, the sound of hands were clapped *with sound of chi rings afterwards*.
The 2 Corojis heard the noise and came following that noise!
Out from the far distance, shows an arm being covered in water.
Another arm is shown being covered in earth!

By the time the 2 Corojis came close to the sound, there appears Singh quickly going head on against one of them!!

[Singh] Water Release: Enghouling Claws!!!

Singh quickly slashed him with his attack that looks like a claw with water furiously flowing to maintain its shape!! Blood splattered through Singh’s attack path!!

At the same time before the other Coroji noticed his teammate is dead, there is Goober using his attack that looks like an arm made out of Earth!!

[Goober] Earth Release: Earthen Fist!!!

Goober quickly bends down and used his attack to smash Coroji out of his way!! Spikes popped outwards from the impact!!! Blood splatters onto Goober’s Earthen Fist as Coroji is launched backwards into the direction where the fist hits him!! Blood follows Coroji as he is launched away!!

2 Corojis are dead, 1 remains within the smoke!!

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December 28, 2015
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