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CH 4.15, No Dodging! by dannytranvan CH 4.15, No Dodging! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 28 December 2015 (7 February 2017)

After receiving information from his teammates who died from Goober and Singh, the remaining Coroji of the leading group has become smarter!

Now he knows that Tekai is filled with surprises and that he must be careful!

[Coroji] (2 died…from their surprises. I must be alert!)

The remaining Coroji of the leading group came charging at Axel!!
Right before he can get close to Axel, Goober and Singh quickly clapped their hands together *chi rings come out from their hands* and slammed their hands on the ground quickly after knocking out 2 Corojis!!
Axel quickly makes hand signs to prepare an attack as he runs towards Coroji!!

[Axel] Start! Wind *chi ring comes out*! Wind Release: Blasto!!!

Axel quickly gathers breath as he runs!
He then blows out a big burst of wind from his mouth!!
Coroji quickly notices Axel is making his move!!
He tries to dodge, but it is too late!!

[Singh] Water Release: Water Strangle!

An arm made of transparent water quickly came out from the ground near Coroji’s leg!! The arm quickly got a hold onto his leg!! Coroji is stopped from running towards Axel!! When his other leg is coming to the ground as a result of being stopped, another surprise came!!

[Goober] Earth Release: Earth Strangle!!

Another arm came out! It quickly got a hold of Coroji’s other leg!!
Coroji is unable to proceed any further!!
Even if he could, it would be too late because Axel’s Blasto is coming to him!!

The timing is short between Coroji and Axel’s Blasto!! It is too close up to him!! He is unable to dodge! He is unable to block off the attack with his fist!!
And soon enough, the Blasto quickly smashed into Coroji’s front body!!
A big impact it made onto him! Coroji is knocked out!!

After finishing the first three Coroji’s, Singh quickly got out his smoke bomb from his pocket and swings it down!! Smoke appears again!! Tekai is preparing their next attack!!
6 Corojis are left!! Time is short! Will they make it before the 3 Corojis attack the village?!

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December 28, 2015
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