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CH 31.55, Carrying Sagami Home by dannytranvan CH 31.55, Carrying Sagami Home by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 14 January 2017 (26 May 2017)

There the scene shows Jin carrying the sleeping Sagami.
He is now just entering the Zhinto Village after he went through all those orange lanterns (except the pink lotus lanterns he saw) in the Lantern Village.

He is now on his way to Sagami’s house as there are more orange lanterns ahead of him.
These orange lanterns light up the path ahead for Jin to see. Everywhere where the orange lantern does not glow, is very dark.

As Jin is passing by the “Coming Soon!” building, Jin takes a glance at Sagami. After looking at Sagami for a few seconds, he looks ahead and continues walking . He then says two words to her.

[Jin] I do.

Jin is now making his turn around the Training Hall and continues walking forward. As he walks, he can hear the Zhinto Village is very quiet at night, with exception of some noises. Not only that, the temperature is a bit cold. You can just feel the coldness.

As Jin pass by a couple of residence buildings, which have orange lanterns glowing out in the darkness, he reaches the second Training Hall. Once he has reached the second Training Hall, he makes a right turn to the street where Sagami’s house is located.
After walking by 8 long houses to his right, which have lanterns glowing orange light between the long buildings, he finally reach the nineth house to his right. The nineth house he reached is Sagami’s house.

Jin goes up on the wooden patio and knocks the door. After a few seconds, both of the wooden doors slide open towards the wall. There in front of him are Sagami’s parents standing in front of the dark house. Gamu, being Sagami’s father, and Sachio, being Sagami’s mother.

[Gamu] Well hello there Jin.
[Sachio] We have been waiting on you.
[Gamu] I see you carried Sagami home. How was the Lantern Festival?
[Jin] It was fun! Sagami, Fanuk, and I enjoyed the festival. We had fun shopping, playing with snappers, eating mooncakes, and all of that! Unfortunately we had to stop after Sagami was feeling tired, which is why I brought her home.
[Sachio] I see! Glad that you both had fun. I’m sorry it had to end early.
[Jin] Haha it’s okay. What matters most is that we had fun. That’s all! Anyways here is your daughter Gamu. *turns around so that Gamu can hold onto his daughter*
[Gamu] Thank you! *got a hold of Sagami* We appreciate you for looking after our daughter as well as carrying her home!
[Jin] No problem! It was fun having her with us in the Lantern Festival. Anyways I should be going home now. It’s getting late.
[Gamu] All right Jin.
[Sachio] See you later!

And so Jin leaves as Gamu and Sachio see Jin walk away.
After Jin has walked away far enough, Gamu and Sachio close the door behind them to sleep.

There the scene shows Jin leaving the street where Sagami lives.
When he leaves the street, he makes a left turn behind the second training hall.
After that, he walks forward as he is on his way back home through the dark lit night.

Flashback ends.

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January 14, 2017
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