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CH 31.50, Almost Forgot by dannytranvan CH 31.50, Almost Forgot by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 14 January 2017 (26 May 2017)

There is Jin and the others walking through the street. As they are walking, Fanuk begins to talk.

[Fanuk] So where should we go next?
[Jin] Hmm. Let’s just look around and see what the Lantern Festival has.
[Fanuk] All right.

And so the group continues to walk through the street. Walking by building by building. As enough time has gone by, Sagami soon remembers something!

[Sagami] Oh! Almost forgot! *hands over wallet to Jin*
[Jin] ?... Oh!
[Sagami] Yeah! I almost forgot to give your wallet back haha!
[Jin] Yeah haha! Thanks for giving it back! I almost forgot about it haha!
[Sagami] hehe! *smiles*
[Jin] I should put my scrolls up.

As they walk, there is Jin who is holding his wallet by its strip. He does the same process as Sagami. This process is known as the transform process. Soon enough, Jin has got his flat wallet to turn into a baggy wallet.

[Sagami] Jin. This wallet also has another feature. Try to keep holding onto the strip and put more pressure onto it.
[Jin] Sure. *holds onto strip with his two fingers and thumb, applies more pressure* *wallet grows bigger* Whoa!
[Sagami] Cool isn’t it? Whenever you have something too big to carry, you can always grow your wallet to make it fit into there!
[Jin] This is cool. *puts two scrolls into wallet*
[Sagami] If you want to make it return to its normal size, all you have to do is do is keep holding onto the strip and apply less pressure.
[Jin] *holds onto strip with two fingers and thumb again, applies less pressrue* *wallet shrinks to normal size* I see. This is pretty cool. *pinches wallet with fingers to transform it then places flat wallet into his pocket* I wonder who came up with this idea.
[Sagami] The Tech Village came up with it. They have all sorts of cool invention.
[Jin] I can tell haha.
[Fanuk] I should get to putting my scrolls up as well.
[Sagami] Me too! *places small box into her right pocket, then gets out wallet from left pocket*

And so Fanuk and Sagami did the same thing Jin has done and has successfully put their scrolls into their baggy wallets. After they have done that, they transform it and put their flat wallets into their pockets.

Sagami brings out the small box she got from the Gift Shop from her right pocket. She then opens up the small box and begins to talk.

[Sagami] It’s been a long time since I played with these Snappers. Have you both tried these before?
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