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CH 31.49, It's My Gift to You All by dannytranvan CH 31.49, It's My Gift to You All by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 14 January 2017

After Fanuk has given the woman 3000 Gold just for her to keep, the woman sees this is the nicest group she has ever met. It’s as if these three kids were meant to be with each other. The woman begins to speak.

[???] That’s so sweet of you. May I ask what your name is?
[Fanuk] Me?
[???] How about you tell me who you are as well as who your friends are?
[Fanuk] Ah! Well my name is Fanuk! This is Jin and Sagami!
[???] Oh I see! Well nice to me you Fanuk, Jin, and Sagami. You guys seem like nice people. How about I give you each something?

The shop woman looks around to see what gift she should give them.

[???] (Hmm…what should I give them?) *

The woman looks around a bit. Soon she found the perfect gift for them.

[???] (Yes! These should be perfect for them!) How about these?

The woman points towards the three black masks which have some red designs on them.

[???] You know what? Let’s see how these look on you guys.

The woman takes each mask and puts them half way on their front face.

[???]These masks look perfect on you guys! How about you keep them as a gift from me?
[Jin] Wow! Are you sure we can keep these masks?
[Fanuk] These are pretty expensive masks.
[Sagami] Yeah you don’t have to do this *smiles big with eyes closed* !
[???] Sure. Why not? You guys seem like great friends to each other. Not only that, you are the nicest people I ever met. So how about it? I’ll make these my gift to you all!
[Jin] Awh thanks!
[Fanuk] Thank you!
[Sagami] We appreciate your kindess!
[???] No problem haha! *smiles with eyes closed*    
[Fanuk] We should get going now.
[Sagami] Yeah!
[Jin] Yeap. We’ll be sure to come visit you next time!
[???] Sure. Come by whenever you have time!
[Jin] We sure will!

It seems like Jin is very happy to get this mask. Why is he so happy compared to the others?
Anyways, Jin and the others are making their leave from the Gift Shop. As they walk away from the Gift shop, Sagami and Jin waved back to her. The shop woman waved back in return.

And so the group is off to somewhere. Where will they go next in this wonderful Lantern Festival?
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January 14, 2017
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