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CH 31.45, You Can Have this Sagami by dannytranvan CH 31.45, You Can Have this Sagami by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 13 January 2017 (26 May 2017)

Jin deactivated his Dark Eyes.

[Jin] Yeah it was nothing Sagami. This sort of game is made to be impossible from the start. But with the Dark Eyes, it’s easy to make the needle land into the center.
[Sagami] Oh I see. Well, here are the scrolls you asked me to hold. *gives scrolls back*.
[Jin] Oh! Thanks Sagami!
[Sagami] Haha anytime when you need a hand!
[Fanuk] I hadn’t thought of that. Nice thinking Jin haha
[Jin] Yeah! *smiles*

The worker, who just witnessed his game getting beaten when it was meant to be a scam, stood there in silence. It looks like he is annoyed with those lazy eyes of his. The worker then looked down showing only his annoyed lips. Just when we thought he’s going to become angry, the worker quickly moves his head up and smiled. He then speaks out happily.

[???] Well congratulations on getting the needle into the center. I’ll be right back with your reward.

The worker entered his dark building and closed the door behind him. The paper panels of the door light up indicating the worker has turned the light on in his building. It was not long until the paper panels of the door turned black with the worker sliding the door open. The worker has a scroll in his hand. He closed the door behind him and walks up to Jin to give him the scroll.

[???] You won a special skill I have here. The skill is placed into the scroll.
[Jin] Thank you!
[???] May I ask what you name is?
[Jin] My name is Jin!
[Jian] Ah Jin! It’s great to meet you. My name is Jian. Thanks for coming by!
[Jin] No problem!

Jin then turns over to Sagami.

[Jin] Sagami. *holds scroll over to Sagami*
[Sagami] !
[Jin] It seems like you really wanted this reward, so you can have this scroll!
[Sagami] Awh you don’t have to Jin. I was really just trying to get the needle into the center. *smiles with eyes closed as she waves both of her hands in front of her to deny the scroll* That’s all!
[Jin] Awh come on Sagami. I know you wanted this skill. I never see you get so serious about a game. *urges the scroll he’s holding to Sagami*
[Sagami] Haha *smiles with eyes closed and grabs the scroll * If you say so, then thank you for winning the skill for me.
[Jin] *smiles* No problem!

As this was going on, Jian sees something on Jin. What could it be?
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January 13, 2017
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