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CH 31.42, That's a Ripoff! by dannytranvan CH 31.42, That's a Ripoff! by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 13 January 2017 (26 May 2017)

[Jin] Yes we would like to play!
[???] Good!
[Sagami] How do we play this?
[???] Very very easy. All you have to do is take a needle and throw it into the tiny black hole in the center of the target!
[Fanuk] That sounds impossible.
[???] Haha not if you are a good thrower!
[Jin] All right. We’ll give it a try. How much is it to play this game?
[???] 5000 gold! *smiles*
[Sagami] What?!
[Fanuk] Now that’s a ripoff! I can buy like 100 beef skewers with that much Gold!
[???] *smiles* 1 Game is 5000 Gold coins. You will be given 5 needles, so you have 5 chances.
[Jin] I see. Then we’ll play.

Jin brings out 5 gold coins (value of 1000 each) out of his pocket and places them onto the countertop table.

[???] All right! Let me get you the needles~
[Sagami] *elbows Jin a bit* Jin!  It’s expensive! Are you sure?
[Jin] I’m sure. It’s expensive for a game, so we will share these 5 needles.

The worker comes near Jin and placed the needles onto the countertop in front of him.

[???] There you go! Enjoy the game!
[Jin] We will!
[Sagami] Jin, since you paid, you should go first.
[Jin] Don’t worry Sagami. I paid so that “we” can play this game. So you both go ahead first.
[Sagami] Okay. Thanks Jin. I’ll go.
[Fanuk] I’ll go as well.

Sagami, on Jin’s left side, picked up one of the needles in front of him.
Fanuk, on Jin’s right side, picked up one of the needles in front of him.
Both of them make their aim and quickly throw the needle at the target in front of them!!
Sagami’s needle didn’t hit the center!
Same goes for Fanuk!!
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January 13, 2017
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