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CH 31.36, Eating Mooncakes by dannytranvan CH 31.36, Eating Mooncakes by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 12 January 2017

After a few seconds of walking towards the table, Fanuk interrupted what Sagami and Jin were doing.

[Fanuk] Hey you both. I got the mooncakes you asked for.
[Sagami] ! Fanuk! Nice. You got the mooncakes. I can’t wait to eat them!
[Jin] Same here.

Both Jin and Sagami turned around facing forward at the table.

[Fanuk] Here’s your mooncake Sagami.

Fanuk's two fingers were already out when he gives the mooncake to her.

[Sagami] *reaches for mooncake* Thank you Fanuk!
[Fanuk] And here’s your mooncake Jin.
[Jin] Thanks Fanuk! We both appreciate it!
[Fanuk] No problem! Let’s eat!

And so Sagami took her first bite, with Jin following afterwards and then Fanuk. As they eat, Fanuk quickly opens one of his eyes to see if Sagami took a bite from her mooncake. It looks like she did. After seeing that, Fanuk continues where he left off by eating his mooncake.

After enough time has pass, it seems like Sagami finished her mooncake first.

[Sagami] Whew! That mooncake sure is good! After all that running to get to the gate and everything, it sure did made me hungry haha!
[Fanuk] ! Wow you eat very fast.
[Sagami] Yeap!
[Jin] So while we are finishing our mooncakes, where should we go next?
[Sagami] Hmm.

As Sagami thinks for a bit, Jin and Fanuk took a few more bites out of their mooncakes.

[Sagami] Ah I know! How about those games over there? We should give them a try!
[Jin] *finishes chewing his food* sure! We’ll go after we finish eating this mooncake.
[Fanuk] Yeah.
[Sagami] *smiles* haha sure. I can wait.

After a few seconds has gone by, Jin and Fanuk finally finished their mooncakes.

[Jin] All right. Looks like we are done. Let’s go play some games!
[Sagami] Yeah!

Jin grabbed his scroll and stood up. Jin makes his first lead to the Lantern Festival games. But before he goes any further, he throws the paper towel into the trash can. Sagami is too excited, she quickly follows after. She forgot to throw her paper towel in the trash can. As for Fanuk, he was having a bit of trouble getting out of the table, but he managed to get out of it and grab his scroll on the way. Just like Jin, he also throws his used paper towel in the trash can. The group is now on their way to playing games!

After a few minutes have passed, it seems like there is currently no customers at the front countertop of the Mooncake Shop. While taking this chance, the girl told the boy, who she is working with, to check if there are any trash left behind on the tables or ground. The boy agrees to go check.

The boy looks around to see if there is any trash on the ground. None so far. He then looks through the table to see if there are any. There happens to be two. The boy picked up one. He then walked towards the table at the far corner that also has trash on it.

When he reached at the corner, he went ahead and threw the trash he got earlier into the trash can. He then tries to pick up the trash on the table which is next to the trash can, But before he pick it up, he senses something from the used paper towel! Something is strange to him that he he doesn’t recognize. He then said something in response to what he senses from it.

[???] Hmm? This paper towel is different from when I first gave it out.

The boy picked up the paper towel by its corner and threw it in the trash can.
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January 12, 2017
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