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CH 31.34, Mooncake Shop by dannytranvan CH 31.34, Mooncake Shop by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 12 January 2017

They see something far in the distance. Jin and the others continue to walk by the buildings on their right. As they continue to walk, Jin begins to think more about the riddle.

[Jin] (Something’s not right about him. Riddles are rarely given in Lantern Festivals, and here he is giving riddles that don’t make sense or make too much sense)

Jin looks back to see the riddle man is still there. He then looks forward again as they approach what they saw in the distance closer. Jin continues to think.

[Jin] (Lanterns can glow, but so can they fade. There’s actually no hidden meaning behind it, is it? Maybe I’m just overthinking about this.)

Jin takes a final look behind him, just to be spooked out!! The Riddle man along with his stand disappeared from the darkness!! Quickly Jin asked Sagami to confirm what he is seeing is either real or if he’s just crazy.

[Jin] Sagami, look behind you. Wasn’t the riddle man and his stand there a while ago?
[Sagami] Hmm. I don’t know. We have walked pretty far, so he’s probably out of our sight by now.
[Fanuk] Yeah. The Earth is round anyways, so eventually as we walk further away, he will be out of our sight eventually.
[Jin] True. *feels relieved* so what was that thing you saw in the distance?
[Sagami] Oh that? Let’s keep walking to find out.

Sagami and the others continued to walk for a few seconds. Soon, making a  reference to what Fanuk was talking about, the place they saw is appearing more clearly and bigger as they approach closer to that place. Quickly Sagami pointed out as they got enough view of what this place could be.

[Sagami] Ah! The Mooncake shop!
[Fanuk] Mooncake. It has been a long time since I tried it. I didn’t know the Lantern Village has a shop like this.
[Jin] Haha, you gonna love this then. Let’s go to there.
[Sagami] Yeah!

Quickly Jin and the others walk to the Mooncake shop area. Before they reached there, Fanuk begins to have thoughts again.

[Fanuk] (Mooncake Shop. This is probably the best place I can pull this off without anyone noticing. All I have to do is take the substance out of the bag and place it on the Mooncake that Sagami will be eating.)

After Fanuk finished thinking, they finally arrive at the Mooncake Shop area. There are pink lotus lanterns spreading out from the shop’s side as they glow. Not only that, there is a big glowing pink lotus leaving a crescent moon to glow white in the center of it on the shop’s roof. There are a lot of tables in front of the shop where people can sit and eat.

Quickly before they move further, Fanuk insisted that he should get the Mooncakes for them as a treat from him since they are nice people.

Jin and Sagami agreed and said thanks to him. Fanuk asked them which mooncake they would like.

[Jin] I would like to have one with lotus seed paste and egg in it.
[Sagami] I’ll have what Jin is having too.
[Fanuk] All right. Before you both go, Jin can you hold onto my scroll for me? My hand will be full by the time I come back.
[Jin] Sure *took the scroll from Fanuk*
[Fanuk] Thanks Jin.
[Jin] No problem Fanuk.
[Fanuk] Okay, you both should go ahead and find a table for us to sit. I’ll be at the shop for a bit.
[Sagami] Okay! Thanks again Fanuk!
[Jin] Yeah!
[Fanuk] Haha no problem. After all, you both are great people I have met so far.
[Jin] Thanks Fanuk, you are a great friend!
[Sagami] Yeap. You sure are! We are off now. We’ll wait for you!

They both left as Fanuk stood still for a bit.

[Fanuk] (Friend? This the first time I am considered a friend by someone…tch! I can’t back down now!)

Fanuk struggles to go to the mooncake shop. He sees Jin and Sagami found a table to sit at. Before Jin sits, he places the two scrolls on the table and sat with his back facing to the tabletop with Sagami. They are both waiting.

Seeing that they are waiting for him, Fanuk finally gives up on struggling. He remembers that he made a long and hard decision back at his place. Fanuk must stay with his decision, and so Fanuk waits behind the line of people for his turn.

As he waits in the line, the atmosphere changed slowly from warm to cold as he becomes more determined with his decision. It is not like he has a choice.

After a couple of minutes have passed, it is now Fanuk’s turn.
He is soon greeted by a guy who is working at the front countertop with a girl. The guy has pink hair and white eyes while the girl has a light green hair and yellow eyes. Strange people as it seems.

[???] Hello! What mooncake would you like to have?

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January 12, 2017
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