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CH 31.29, A Special Shuriken by dannytranvan CH 31.29, A Special Shuriken by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 12 January 2017 (26 May 2017)

After Mai asked if they needed any helped, Jin finished what he was looking at and look at Mai.

[Jin] Yes. I’m looking for a shuri-

Jin sees something on the right side of Mai. He’s sees something he likes!
Yes, you can guess it! That’s right, the shuriken!!

[Jin] That shuriken!!
[Mai] Is there something that interests you?
[Jin] Yes. What is that shuriken to your left? It’s on the wall.
[Mai] Oh this? *spreads arms out to show off the shuriken* This is a special shuriken!
[Jin] What makes it special?
[Mai] This shuriken contains chi capacity. And what makes it special is that you can make this shuriken shrink or grow.
[Jin] How do you change its size?
[Mai] To make it grow, all you have to do is add chi into this shuriken. To make it shrink, all you have to do is take away the chi from the normal amount of chi this shuriken have. Because of how special this shuriken is, it got itself its own name!
[Jin] Wow! What is the name of this shuriken?
[Mai] The name of this shuriken is---Daiken!!
[Jin] Awesome. I could really use this shuriken. Can you tell me how much this Daiken is?
[Mai] Well…since it is special, it will cost you a lot. The reason why is because I rarely sell weapon like these. But if you want, you can get this Daiken for 2500 tokens.
[Jin] Wow I see. It’s no joke. I’ll buy it!

Jin reaches inside his pocket to get the tokens.
After he finds the right amount of tokens, he reaches his hand out from his pocket when he is suddenly stopped by someone’s hands.
Jin looks up to see whose hand it is just to find out it is Sagami.
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January 12, 2017
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