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CH 31.21, Good Training by dannytranvan CH 31.21, Good Training by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 12 January 2017 (26 May 2017)

Boom!!!!! It was too much for Jin!!
Because Jin has no chi around his right hand, Fanuk’s attack became more effective against Jin’s block!! Jin’s block has failed, sending him flying straight towards the wall!!

Jin made a big impact towards the wall, hurting his back badly.
Jin then slides down against the wall towards the floor hurting his bottom as well.
There, Jin sat with his head down as he is hurting.

A few minutes have passed and Fanuk has come to Jin.

[Fanuk] Jin, are you okay?
[Jin] ..tch…that hurts.
[Fanuk] Yeah. You went straight out blocking with no chi. It could have hurt you more seriously if you were not as strong as you are now.

Fanuk holds out his hands.

[Fanuk] Here, let me help you get up. That was some good training we did there.
[Jin] *slowly looks up to see Fanuk’s hand* Thanks.

After that scene, there is Jin and Fanuk who exit the training room and are walking their way back. As Jin and Fanuk are walking their way off of the second floor towards the first floor, Jin begins to ask Fanuk a question.

[Jin] So Fanuk. I had been wondering. What’s that thing around your shoulders?
[Fanuk] *points to the thing on his shoulders* Oh this? These are weights. These help me become stronger.
[Jin] Oh I see. So you are actually stronger than me.
[Fanuk] Yeah I guess if you put it that way. But don’t worry, since you are training with me, you should be able to become as strong as me. Maybe stronger haha.
[Jin] Yeah ha.
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January 12, 2017
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