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CH 29.8, Kiri Challenges Zhenwu! by dannytranvan CH 29.8, Kiri Challenges Zhenwu! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 18 August 2016

Zhenwu and Kiri stand across each other. They wait as their shadows appear near them.

[Ichoto] You guys ready?

Red flames start to appear around Kiri’s right hand. Kiri nod his head. Few seconds later, Zhenwu nods his head as well.

[Ichoto] Start!

There the fight begins!! Kiri quickly charges towards Zhenwu with his right hand out in red flames! There Zhenwu stood still! And soon enough, Kiri throws his right punch!

His right fist hits Zhenwu’s face directly! Not only that, when Kiri made contact, the red flames around his right hand ignited into big red fire!!

Kiri is surprised to see Zhenwu made no dodge or reaction!
Few seconds went by. Blood start spilling from Zhenwu’s nose. Zhenwu wondered what happened! Then a few seconds went by and that’s when Zhenwu quickly noticed his face hurts! He quickly bows his head and covered his bloody nose with his hand.

Kiri notice that Zhenwu have a slow reaction. It is not only him who noticed that. Ichoto and the students also noticed. The students were sad to see Zhenwu lose. Suddenly, Kiri speaks up to Zhenwu after he lost.

[Kiri] Zhenwu! You will not get stronger if you do nothing and stay useless!

Kiri then walks away. The students see Zhenwu one last time and left too, doing their usual business.

[Ichoto] Don’t worry Zhenwu. Not everyone wins on their first fight. If you want to be stronger, keep training and you will be able to beat him someday!

Everyone left, except for Eruki. She stays to see how Zhenwu is doing.
There stood Zhenwu staring nowhere for a few seconds. After a few seconds, he quickly replied “Unh!!” (meaning yes) to Ichoto and runs off to somewhere in the Zhinto village, leaving Eruki behind looking at his back.

[Eruki] (That’s right. Train and become stronger than Kiri!)

Eruki then left, walking the other way.

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August 18, 2016
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