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CH 29.39, I Cry Because It Hurts by dannytranvan CH 29.39, I Cry Because It Hurts by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 18 August 2016 (26 May 2017)


[Ezo] Now Zhenwu. I notice your attacks were not fast enough for Kiri. But don’t worry, I know an element that can help you become fast like him. Now take a close look at what I am about to do.

Ezo uses mudras. Start! Lightning! Release comes out!
Ezo held out his left hand. Transparent chi suddenly appears around his hand.

[Ezo] For this training, I will show you how to achieve the lightning element.

Ezo then begins concentrating by looking sharply at his hand.
Not only that, he also held up his fingers like a hook.
Soon enough, the chi suddenly turns into spikes.
As Ezo continues to concentrate, the spikey chi suddenly turns into lightning!!

[Zhenwu] Wow!
[Ezo] That’s right. With enough concentration in my chi, I am able to pull off this element. Starting today, you will learn how to achieve the lightning element. *stops his lightning*
[Eruki] You got that Zhenwu?
[Zhenwu] Yes!

Zhenwu immediately begins his training.
First he uses mudras! Start! Lightning! Release comes out!
He then brings out his chi around his left hand. He focuses on his chi.
As few seconds went by, the chi suddenly becomes spikey.
Zhenwu continues to concentrate when suddenly his spikey chi suddenly turns into lightning! Red color on the outside and white color in the inside of the lightning! Making this a red lightning! However, the color of Zhenwu’s lightning is different from Ezo’s orange lightning. But Zhenwu is not concern about that! He’s happy to see he achieve the lightning element!

[Zhenwu] Yes! *smiles with a happy cheer* *lightning disperses away from hand*
[Ezo] (Hmm. He’s able to achieve the lightning element fast. However, that’s not all to the training.)
[Eruki] (That was quick!)
[Ezo] Okay good. You manage to achieve lightning. But that’s not the end of our training. You will now have to learn how to control it. Let me demonstrate to you what happens when you do not control your lightning.

Ezo quickly got out his hand and made lightning appear around his hand again. He didn’t need mudras! His fingers are in a form of a hook.

[Ezo] You see this? This is what your lightning should look like when you control it. The lightning spikes staying still and everything. Now this is what happens when you cannot control it properly.

Ezo suddenly let his hooked up fingers go down, giving him more ease in his hands when suddenly... the spikes of the lightning goes out of control!! Spikes went moving everywhere! Quickly Ezo hooked up his fingers to keep the lightning under control and still.

[Ezo] You see that? That’s what happens if you do not control your lightning properly. It will go out of control and hurt you. *turns off lightning from hand*
[Zhenwu] I see. I’ll give it a try!
[Ezo] Sure. Go ahead. Your real training has just begun.

Zhenwu uses mudras. Start! Lightning! Release comes out!
He then held out his left hand again. Chi appears around his hand and so he begins to concentrate! As time goes by, the chi suddenly spiked up and turned into red lightning!
So far so good.

Zhenwu then tries to control the lightning when suddenly his lightning went out of control!! Zhenwu tries to control it, but he is scared!! The spikes went everywhere like crazy when suddenly it quickly slash Zhenwu’s wrist!! The lightning Zhenwu was trying to control quickly disperse away!

A single drop of blood quickly came out from his wrist! Zhenwu quickly slams his knees down onto the ground with his right hand covering his bleeding left wrist!

Zhenwu, looking down on the ground, begins to cry.

[Zhenwu] *cries* ...It hurts...I do not want to train anymore...

Ezo and Eruki both look at Zhenwu. Ezo then begins to speak up.

[Ezo] Using an element like this isn’t going to be easy. You have to keep trying if you want to master the lightning element. *orange lightning still lingering in his left arm*

Zhenwu continues to cry a little more from the injury he received. Eruki looks at him.

[Eruki] (pain...I know how that feels...)

Eruki then walk up to Zhenwu. She crouched down as she patted him on the back.

[Eruki] Zhenwu. It’s okay. Stand up. Let’s talk about this.
[Zhenwu] *nods* okay...

Zhenwu stands up as he is still looking at his wrist.
Eruki stands up as well.

[Eruki] Don’t cry Zhenwu...Didn’t you say you want to become stronger?
[Zhenwu] *nods once again* Yes...
[Eruki] Then remember this.

Eruki then put her left hand on top of Zhenwu’s right hand, which is covering his bleeding wrist. Blood start to pass through Eruki’s fingers, but that didn’t stop her from what she’s about to say.

[Eruki] Keep training, no matter how much it hurts! Because the more pain you feel, the stronger you become! So, don’t give up!

Zhenwu stops crying.
There are tears still lingering on his face.

[Zhenwu] *nods head hard* Unh!!

A response, that means yes.
From that day on, Zhenwu continues to train everyday, no matter how many cuts he has on his wrist! He continues training until he masters the lightning element!!

The flashback quickly ended when Zhenwu heard a noise!
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