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CH 29.34, Too Fast to Dodge! by dannytranvan CH 29.34, Too Fast to Dodge! by dannytranvan
RELEASED DATE: 18 August 2016

When Kiri finished igniting the dark orange scorch in his hands, Zhenwu slowly looked up in determination.

[Zhenwu] (I can’t lose yet with an injury like this. I must get close to him if I am going to beat him; otherwise, I am at a disadvantage.)

Zhenwu slowly brings his left hand down.
There his right shoulder injury shows some skin torn apart with dried up meat. But that doesn’t stop Zhenwu from giving up!
Zhenwu begins running towards Kiri!
In response, Kiri mocked Zhenwu!

[Kiri] Ha! You think that determination will help you?! Let’s see if you can dodge these!! Scorch Release: Yanru!! HAH *launches Yanru*!!

Quickly, Kiri launched his first orange Yanru at Zhenwu with circular strips of orange scorch coming out from Kiri’s hand!! Kiri’s launch made a noise when he shoots out his first Yanru!!
The orange Yanru quickly travels straight for Zhenwu!
Zhenwu prepares to attack Kiri’s Yanru by holding out his left arm as he runs towards Kiri!!
The wind begins traveling around Zhenwu’s left arm towards his hand!! As Zhenwu got closer to the orange Yanru, wind starts forming around Zhenwu’s fist!!

And soon enough Zhenwu swings his left fist at the orange Yanru as he continues to run towards Kiri! However, the orange Yanru exploded when Zhenwu ran along with his fist!! The explosion of Kiri’s Yanru scorched everywhere on Zhenwu’s left arm!!

Because of that, this left Zhenwu with a serious injury on his left arm! All the bandages on his left arm were scorched away, leaving nothing but burnt surfaces and lingering smokes on Zhenwu’s left arm!

Zhenwu quickly reacted to the injury he received by looking at his arm, but he can’t stop now and look at his arm! He shouldn’t be looking at his arm! He should be looking ahead especially since Kiri is throwing multiple Yanrus at him!! Zhenwu should still be running or he will get to nowhere!!

Quickly Zhenwu looked up and continues to run as he tries to think of a way to get through Kiri’s Yanrus without injuring himself!

While this goes on, Kiri continues relaunching more Yanrus towards Zhenwu!
[Kiri] *eyes opened wide, while smiling* HAH! *launches Yanru from one hand* HAH! *launches Yanru from the other* HAH! *launches Yanru from the other hand again* HAH! *launches Yanru from the other hand before again*

There is no resting time for Kiri!! Kiri continues making alternate launches!!
As soon as he launches a Yanru from one hand, that one hand quickly ignites another Yanru as it is preparing to be launched again!!

Kiri keeps launching Yanrus at Zhenwu to the point where there are eight to ten coming for him!!

[Announcer] Kiri is sending out a lot of fast attacks towards Zhenwu!! Will Zhenwu be able to avoid these?

The audience cheers! Some of the audience support Kiri as they cheer! Others, are hoping that Zhenwu have something on mind to counter this!

[Yusha] (There is no way he can dodge all of those!)
[Eruki] (Come on Zhenwu! You can do this!)

What will Zhenwu do next?! Will he be able to think of an idea before the Yanrus come near him? Read more to find out!
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August 18, 2016
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