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CH 29.20, Zhenwu Challenges Kiri Again! by dannytranvan CH 29.20, Zhenwu Challenges Kiri Again! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 18 August 2016 (26 May 2017)

In front of Kiri at the doorway is Zhenwu along with Ezo and Eruki!
What a surprise!

[Kiri] Ha. Looks like we meet again! What are you doing here?
[Zhenwu] I want a rematch!!
[Kiri] *excited with a smile* Good! I have been waiting!

Kiri quickly turned his head to call in the others in the building.

[Kiri] Hey everyone! Guess who came to see me after many years?
[Sagami] Who is it?
[Kiri] It is Zhenwu! He thinks he can beat me in a rematch! Come see us fight and see who will win!
[Jin] (so he came back to challenge Kiri again)
[Ekuto] (you are being a little arrogant, Kiri)

Inside the building, there shows Nasumi who manage to land a powerful orange colored fire punch on Kong, sending him flying across the room.

[Kong] ... (No way! She’s getting too strong quickly!)
[Nasumi] *orange colored flames lingering from fist* You are too weak. You shouldn’t be slacking on your training.

Kong struggles to move his head, but as soon as Kiri exit the Intel, Kong turn his head slightly to the left when suddenly he sees Ezo at the opened door reading his book!

[Kong] *excited* Ezo!! Where have you been??
[Ezo] Kong. Why are you on the floor?
[Kong] Oh that! I have been training with Nasumi!
[Ezo] So you got beaten by Nasumi? You shouldn’t have underestimated her.
[Kong] *scratches his head* haha yeah. I kinda figured.
[Ezo] Anyways, I just bring Zhenwu here to fight Kiri after I taught him a new element.
[Kong] *surprised* Uuahh?! A new element? Then I gotta see this battle!
[Nasumi] Huh? Zhenwu is still going to lose. It’s not worth wasting time on him.
[Ezo] I wouldn’t say that if I were you. Results can constantly change.
[Nasumi] Tch. Fine.

Nasumi, Kong, Jin, Sagami, and Ekuto went outside to see how the fight goes. In front of them are Zhenwu and Kiri standing across each other once again.

Eruki and Ezo are standing by the wall of the Intel. Jin, Sagami, and the others stood by the wall as well. They all wait for the battle to begin.

Kiri and Zhenwu stood across each other for a few minutes, until Zhenwu suddenly spoke up.

[Zhenwu] I will win.

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August 18, 2016
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