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CH 29.17, Disu for the Kill !! by dannytranvan CH 29.17, Disu for the Kill !! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 18 August 2016

Kiri quickly landed on the ground after he counter attacked Zhenwu.
He quickly looks up to see where Zhenwu is. From what he see, it looks like Zhenwu is too injured to even land properly on his feet.

[Kiri] Huh. He’s too weak. If hitting his head on the ceiling is too painful, then it is not worth fighting him any longer. I will end him now!

With one blade of wind left in his left arm, Kiri prepares to finish off Zhenwu!

Meanwhile, up near the ceiling, there is Zhenwu covering his head with his hands. The injury from the ceiling is too painful for Zhenwu!! Especially when his head hit hard against it! With his eyes close and mouth open showing his teeth shut, he tries to endure the pain!!

Zhenwu begins to spin a bit as he falls straight downwards toward the ground! Zhenwu tries to recover from the pain quickly by rubbing his head with his hands, but that is not working!! As Zhenwu continues to rub his head, the injury still hurts him. And just when he thinks the head injury is becoming more painful, multiple slashes went across his body!! Zhenwu quickly opened his left eye in response just to see Kiri with his smile!! That’s right!! Kiri is making multiple slashes of wind across Zhenwu’s body, causing Zhenwu to bleed out in every direction where Kiri aims!!

[Kiri] *talks as he smiles* Too weak!!
[Zhenwu] !! *coughs out blood with one eye closed and another eye opened* Tchuhh!!

Zhenwu is still having a head injury and now he also have to deal with the 5 slashes he received from Kiri’s Disu!! These injuries are becoming too much for Zhenwu to handle!! There is no way Zhenwu can beat Kiri in his own condition!!

A sudden flashback slowly appears again. But this time, the flashbacks are happening through Zhenwu’s eyes.

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August 18, 2016
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