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CH 29.16, I Have Wind Too! by dannytranvan CH 29.16, I Have Wind Too! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 18 August 2016 (26 May 2017)

Kiri’s flashback quickly ended after Zhenwu and Kiri were prepared to fight.
Now Kiri is back to where he was, on Zhenwu’s Cross!!

Kiri is getting closer to the ceiling of the battle area!

[Announcer] Whoa!! Zhenwu has Kiri cornered to the ceiling! This will hurt a lot for Kiri!!

The audience cheers as they wait to see what happens next.

The view goes to Kiri’s eyes as he takes a look at Zhenwu’s smiling face. The view then goes to Kiri’s closed mouth. His mouth looks like he is serious. But soon, his mouth starts to smile. Kiri then opens his mouth to speak.

[Kiri] Ha! Don’t think you are the only one that knows the wind element!
[Zhenwu] ! (That’s right! I forgot he has wind!!)

Kiri quickly used his mudra! START! Release comes out!!

Chi appears around both of his arms! The chi then turns into thin blades of wind!!

[Kiri] Wind Release: Disu!!

Kiri swings his right arm straight down at the tip of Zhenwu’s Cross!!!
Kiri’s attack made the Cross tip over quickly causing Zhenwu to spin off from it!

As Kiri goes down from the sky to the ground, there is Zhenwu who is still spinning as he is going higher away from the ground! Zhenwu is getting closer to the ceiling!

It was a bad idea for Zhenwu to try to ram Kiri into the ceiling! Because of that, Zhenwu doesn’t have much time to recover from spinning since he is close to the ceiling! Not long before Zhenwu finally stops spinning just to have his head rammed into the ceiling!!

[Zhenwu] Tch-CH!!!

The excruciating pain Zhenwu felt on his head caused the audience to make a loud ouch noise after what they just saw!!

[Announcer] Ouch!! A sudden turn in the battle!! That gotta hurt!!
[Yusha] (ouch!!)
[Eruki] (This is not good!)

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