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CH 29.13, I Can't Do It!! by dannytranvan CH 29.13, I Can't Do It!! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 18 August 2016 (26 May 2017)

Kiri stands behind the line that Sagami drew. He stood there for a few seconds. Few seconds went by.

[Kiri] Okay. I got this.

Kiri quickly uses mudras!

[Kiri] START!! WIND!! *release comes out*

Transparent chi appears on his right arm. Kiri then focus his chi into his kunai. It took a few seconds. Now he finally has the chi surrounding his kunai.
Quickly, Kiri threw his kunai towards the dummy!!
The kunai travels! Far away from the dummy, the kunai is still going!! But as it reached half way, the kunai is slowing down. Not only that! The chi around the kunai is not turning into wind! What is going on?! The kunai is traveling more slowly until... there is no chi around it! The chi disappeared!
The kunai suddenly went downwards into the ground! Dust spreading everywhere along the fallen kunai’s path! A few seconds went by until Sagami begins to speak.

[Sagami] It’s okay Kiri. First try is not always a success. This type of training should be able to manipulate your chi into creating a wind element. So keep on trying until you are able to release Wind.
[Kiri] Okay. I’ll keep trying.

And so Kiri kept trying.
After a few hours of endless attempts, a sudden noise is coming from the ground. It was Kiri’s fist! Kiri slammed his fist onto the ground as he appears to look tired from all of those attempts.

[Kiri] I can’t do it!! Why is it so hard to learn the wind element?!

There, Kiri looked straight down towards the ground as his shadow lies ahead of him.

[Kiri] There’s no point in doing this anymore! I’ll stay useless!!

Sagami looks at Kiri. Seeing how Kiri looks and remembering what he said yesterday, made her speak to Kiri for what she is about to say.

[Sagami] Didn’t you say you want to be the strongest player so that you won’t get beaten up like that again? Didn’t you say that?!
[Kiri] Yes... *continues breathing heavily from his exhaustion*
[Sagami] If you want to be the strongest player, you have to keep trying! Don’t give up, or you will never be the strongest player!

Kiri quickly snapped out of his hesitation as soon as he heard that from Sagami.

[Kiri] You are right. I want to be the strongest player! I can’t give up!! I must keep trying until I learn the wind element!!
[Sagami] That’s the spirit! Keep it up and I am sure you will learn it!
[Kiri] *nods in determination* Yeah!!

Kiri quickly got up and began trying again. He kept trying again until he can learn the wind element no matter how tired he becomes!!

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