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CH 26.1, Axel vs Zhenhai! by dannytranvan CH 26.1, Axel vs Zhenhai! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 11 March 2016 (14  May 2017)

Everyone is making their leave from the lounge as time is running out. They all start piling up in the second floor of the arena again. By the time everyone is on the second floor, the time is over. The lounge is all cleared except for those who want to stay behind to watch the next battle on the monitors.

There the scene goes to the Announcer.

[Announcer] Time is up! Welcome back everyone! We are now returning to the tournament! Who’s ready for the next battle to begin?!

The audience cheers!

At the fourth floor.

[Yudai] Axel and Zhenhai is next, Announcer.
[Announcer] All right!! The next battle is Axel vs Zhenhai!!

The audience cheers once again!

At the battle area.

There is Axel who exists from the waiting area into the battle area. He is standing in the middle of the battle area with his serious face, but also wondering about his opponent.

[Axel] (I never saw him before. I should be careful.)

Then there is Zhenhai who stands up from sitting on the steps. He then exists from the waiting area into the battle area. He walks across the battle area with his serious face. He then stops in front of Axel.

[Zhenhai] (Let’s see what you got.)

Both Axel and Zhenhai are prepared.

Among the audience.

[Singh] You got this Axel!!
[Goober] You can do this!

The view quickly went to the Announcer.

[Announcer] It looks like Axel and Zhenhai are both prepared and ready!! Let the third battle of the tournament begin!!!

A man hits the gong to start the battle.

Axel makes his first move!! He quickly makes mudras!!

[Axel] START! WIND! *release comes out* *breathes in air*
[Zhenhai] Let’s see if you can breathe underwater. *stomps foot onto the ground, release comes out* Water Release: Qulake!!

The ground quickly cracked open!
Water starts coming out of the cracks slowly.
Axel quickly notices something from the ground.

[Axel] (Water!!) *quickly jumps towards Zhenhai* (I won’t fall for that!)

The ground suddenly broke with water bursting upwards towards Axel!

[Axel] (Knew it!)

The battle has just begun!! What will happen next?!
Stay tune to find out!

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