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CH 23.2, Pac's Data by dannytranvan CH 23.2, Pac's Data by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 22 August 2015 (12 June 2017)

After reaching the end of the hallway to make a left turn, the Support team sees a glimpse of someone standing along the wall.

It is Jin! What is he doing here?

Not only that, across on the other side of the long hallway is the other Support team carrying the injured Ekuto. It looks like they arrived here earlier than them.

Quickly the Support team, carrying the injured Pac, runs to the middle of the hallway and makes a left turn. The left turn they are making is towards the two doors in front of them. It looks like these doors lead to the Support Room.

The Support Room is where the injured participants go to recover.

Next to the two doors on the right, is Jin standing along the wall. His eyes are closed.
A member inside of the Support Room slides both of the doors open for the Support teams. The Support team carrying Pac went into the room first.

Soon enough the Support team carrying the injured Ekuto comes following afterwards. But before they bring Ekuto into the room, Ekuto quickly told the Support team to wait so that he can talk to Jin. With little energy left as well as trying to endure the pain, Ekuto does his best to talk to Jin.

[Ekuto] ...That Pac is strong.
[Jin] ... Is rare to see you lose.
[Ekuto] Pac isn't someone to underestimate.
[Jin] ...What's his fighting style?
[Ekuto] He is fast. He can throw powerful punches. But what makes him truly strong is his Talent, Kintai.
[Jin] I see...

Ekuto suddenly fainted.
The support team carries Ekuto into the support room.
The support member, who opened the two doors earlier, closes the sliding doors.

The doors are closed.
There is no one in the hallway.

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August 28, 2015
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