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CH 22.5, Sky Kick to the Fist! by dannytranvan CH 22.5, Sky Kick to the Fist! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 17 June 2015

The situation is getting worst for Pac as he tries to think quickly. While he tries to think of a plan, he dashes back a few times to avoid the fast attacks that are coming.

[Pac] (I have to think quickly with my directions! If I can't go back, forward, left, or right, where can I go? I can't go down, it's just the ground. I don't have enough time to dig..!! of course! I can go up!)

Pac quickly jumped up.
The rising ground from Kuto’s attack and the pulp from Ekuto collided in destruction!!


You can hear the explosive crashing noise as these attacks, which were going for Pac, collided towards each other where Pac jumped!

[Pac] Close. (if I stayed there for a second longer, I would been defeated or perhaps killed!) How about a sky kick on the way down?

Pac positions himself by spinning in the sky to prepare himself to do a sky kick. With one foot out and the other foot tucked in, he shoots straight fast down with a sky kick towards the Kuto!!

Ekuto noticed that Pac is going to shoot straight down with his foot, so he crosses his arms over his body to close the gate on Kuto’s stomach. Not only that, it was to prevent his Kuto from losing foundation for what he is about to do next!

[Pac] It's over for the Kuto!!
[Ekuto] (or is it?)

Ekuto got his left arm behind him to prepare. He then swings his left arm from behind him to in front of him to create a straight punch!! His Kuto swings a left punch towards Pac!!!

[Ekuto] (just in case..)

Ekuto got his right arm at a right angle behind him facing downwards. And so the Kuto dug its right hand into the ground behind itself as it swings its left punch towards Pac!!!

And right before Pac, comes Kuto making a big contact with its fist!!!

The booming noise you hear when Pac's foot and Kuto’s fist collide towards each other!

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August 10, 2015
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