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CH 22.25, Recovering Chi Just in Case by dannytranvan CH 22.25, Recovering Chi Just in Case by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 2 August 2015 (10 March 2017)

In the fourth floor of the arena.

[Yudai] A powerful explosion that was. It was clever of Ekuto to plan something like.
[Kenta] There is no way Pac could survive that.
[Yudai] With an explosion like that, it must have costed a lot of chi for Ekuto.
[Announcer] *Talks on microphone to audience* Is this it for Pac?!

In the battle area.

Ekuto’s Wuto stopped spinning and collided with the ground it was spinning over. Wuto turned into broken pieces of rocks.

The lava quit flowing beneath the platform that Ekuto jumped off from. The platform immediately crashed into the ground. There is Ekuto who landed on the ground after striking Pac down. Ekuto walks over to see how the situation is. The smokes are clearing out and he sees no sign of Pac.

[Ekuto] Been using a lot of chi. I don’t know how tough Pac is, but I better recover more chi just in case.

Ekuto holds out his hands and slammed it onto the ground. Chi rings come out from his hands.

[Ekuto] Lava Release: Cover!!!

The lava mixed with hardened rocks rise up from the ground around Ekuto and meet at a center above him. Ekuto is now inside of his Cover.

[Ekuto] This should provide me protection while I recover chi.

While Ekuto is in his Cover, he holds out his hands and puts them together in a hand formation, known as a hand sign. This hand sign is used for recovering chi. As Ekuto recovers his chi, you can see the transparent aura coming into Ekuto. That’s because he’s recovering his chi.

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